People who have overstayed their 15 minutes of fame and LIKED it!

Who are some ordinary people who have been thrust into the media spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame, and then liked the attention so much they didn’t go away? For me, I’m thinking of Cindy Sheehan and Rev. Wright.
Sheehan just kept getting crazier and demanding more media coverage of her.
The good Reverand just couldn’t stop shooting off his mouth every time a microphone was placed in front of it.

Now, I’m not talking about celebrities, either real or pretend. This isn’t a thread about Paris Hilton or people who are famous just for being famous.

I’m also not talking about people who didn’t seek the spotlight and weren’t able to stay out of it for reasons beyond their control.

Kato Kaelin

John Bobbitt

Darva Conger

Joey Buttafuoco

I thought of a couple more.

The Jamaican bobsled team
Eddie the Eagle (worst ski jumper)

The Jamaican bobsled team really annoyed me. Yeah, I get it. You’re from Jamaica, there is no snow. That means you don’t belong in the Winter Olympics.

But they have indomitable spirit, mon!

The only spirit they have is rum

Wesley Autrey.

He saved a man on the subway tracks and then tried to ride the fame. Luckily it didn’t last as long as he had hoped.

William Hung.

Monica Lewinsky.

Went on the Tom Green show months later instead of just disappearing from the national spotlight.

Ken Jennings

I have to add OJ Simpson to the list. He will not go away until he convinces every single person on the planet that he never broke any law whatsoever in his entire life. STFU OJ.

The first person who came to mind is Omarosa, mostly because she just won’t go away!

Ah, the advantage of living overseas. Of the whole list, the only people I knew offhand were John Bobbitt and Monica.

After googling some of the others, then I remember hearing about them.

Dude, you are so right about that. Ignorance can be bliss. “Omarosa” sounds like a new Arbor Mist flavor. I can’t think of anyone to fit the OP.

Vern, Colin Quinn, Carrot Top and Ben Stein.

Jared, the Subway guy.

No, no.

“Omarosa” is the new feminine deodorant spray. You use it when you really don’t want get along with people.

Rob and Amber

Reading that… it’s like digital BO.