People who Piss Me Off!!!

I had started this thread to pit one person, and learned halfway through that I have another person who really needs to be pitted.

First: My math professor. He’s a really, really, really, really, really nice guy. I almost wish he were a total asshole, so I could hate him far more vigorously. He’s teaching a Survey of Math class (translate: Math for Dummies) at a community college. The majority of the class members are seniors at a university who are taking this damn class because we can’t graduate without it. Fortunately, I took intro to statistics from a great professor last term; without the background he gave me, I’d be totally lost. Mr. M (this term’s teacher) is an adjunct and has taught at the community college for 5 years. He doesn’t know how to do elementary basic math. He doesn’t know how to explain it. He doesn’t know how to illustrate how to do problems. Yesterday he was allegedly illustrating how to find the median in a series of numbers. He couldn’t figure it out. When I explained it to him (not in a “you’re such a stupid asshole” way), he still couldn’t figure it out. He finally left the problem on the board, gave the class the incorrect answer, and quickly moved on to the next problem. I’m sorry, but let me tell you–there’s a reason I’m an English and history student, and it’s not because I’m brilliant in math. If I’m explaining how to arrive at the solution to my PROFESSOR, there’s something seriously wrong here! Not only that, but he does not enunciate clearly; he just reads out of the book; and he bores the absolute piss out of me!!!

Okay. Rant # 1 done. Here comes Rant # 2:

I’ve pitted my abysmally selfish (adopted-half-) sister before, but it’s time again. She begged me last autumn to let her move in with me and my husband while she got on her feet. Against the will and inclination of everyone in my family, I agreed. I spent my Thanksgiving break from work and school flying 1300 miles and driving back with her. Shortly before she moved out here, she announced that she was pregnant and was going to let me adopt her baby. Cool. Then she was going to keep it. Cool. I told her that she needed to do what was best for the child and for herself.

While she was out here, she snowed everyone at church into thinking she was this lost little lamb who had come home to the fold. Pretty soon my “friends” quit talking to me because they bought all her line of bs. Then one day in mid-March, she told me on a Sunday that she was leaving to go back home the next weekend. Cool. Fine. No problem. I was glad to get the house back to normal.

On Father’s Day, I called my stepfather to wish him a happy father’s day. He asked if I’d heard the news about A. When I said no, he said, “Oh, shit,” and gave the phone to my mother. A. had given birth earlier in the week. She gave the child up for adoption. Again, cool–I wasn’t uptight that she didn’t place him in our home, since I wasn’t too keen on the idea of raising her child to begin with. What was not cool was that she placed him with a family in my ward at church (here in Texas). Not only that, but the guy was my family’s home teacher. For those of you who are LDS, you know what I mean there. She didn’t tell me because she didn’t want me to be mad at her. Forget the fact that everyone in my family knew and she didn’t tell any of them not to tell me. Forget the fact that I’m far from stupid, and would have recognized the kid sooner or later. Forget the fact that she didn’t have the common decency to tell me herself to at least give me time to prepare myself. So now I have started going to a different ward in a different stake because I can’t deal with the situation as it is.

A few weeks ago she called our other sister weeping profusely and all but threatening suicide because she got laid off from her job when she was in the hospital (she was only a part-time worker and had no guarantee of employment) and was now unemployed, broke, and on the verge of getting evicted. My soft-hearted sister didn’t have the money to help her out, but tried to borrow it from our Dad and stepmother. They wisely refused, not because they didn’t trust L. to pay them back, but because they knew our other sister would never pay L. back. So L. had to reluctantly tell her she couldn’t help.

Today we find out the other sister was (a) living with a guy who’s going to marry her, honest (even though he’s left two other women whom he was “gonna marry, honest,” and five kids in his wake) (and when L. suggested she get a roommate, A. said she’d think about it); and (b) she’s totally gone back to her wild ways that she had come down here to avoid as she tried to get her life back together. And she’s upset, because she thinks I’m mad at her. Yeah, I’m mad, but not for the reasons she thinks. I just think she’s an absolute idiot who cons everyone she can. I’m furious that my so-called friends out here bought all of her bullshit and now she’s back there not reaping what she has sown here. That’s not to say that she’s not reaping–oh, yeah, baby, she’s reaping.

This is probably a really lame rant. I’m so angry that I’m sputtering, and I don’t want to say all the words I feel like saying. Well, yeah I do. Stupid fucktard bimbo bitch! :mad:

Don’t worry about your reputation too much. “Wisdom is proved righteous by its works.”

As for the messed up “bimbo,” has she ever received any therapy? Without snarking, can you seggest she get help? Or, in the event that she just won’t, do you have someone you can talk to for your own benefit? My sis is messed up, too. My dealings with her are based on knowledge of that. Either way things go, at least the kid is in a good situation (I hope). I hope you find some sort of peace for yourself.

I’ll also pit really nice people who are useless. look if you could only be an asshole ocasionally I could tell you that your work sucks and your a waste of space, but no, you’re allways nice and so I’d feel bad telling you how useless you are, uggggh. Waitresses who are so darned charming and nice, that even though they muck up your order and it takes twice as long as necessary, are so sweet and appologetic for their klutziness you just want to hug them and tell them its OK, brrrrr.

Uh, your sister sounds like a real piece of work, but you’re going to have to explain to a non LDS person what the problem with the adoption was. Why do you have to go to a different church?

Thanks for your nice thoughts. I have started going to a counselor myself. My sister is completely unresponsive to any suggestions of counseling or anything like that.

And Cher, the reason I’m totally uncomfortable with going to my ward at church is a little complicated. First of all, my husband and I were never able to have children. I went through IVF and everything in an effort to do so, but ended up having to have a hysterectomy a year and a half ago. And for reasons that I cannot go into, adoption (outside of our family) is really not an option. So to have my sister first promise that she was going to let us adopt the baby and then end up having someone else in our ward adopt him was a really painful situation. It’s not that anyone at church is telling me I have to go somewhere else–it’s the thought that I would have to see this family every week and know that the baby is neither my nephew nor my son. Because my sister was living with us for 4 months and going to church, everyone in my ward knows her and knows that she’s my sister. It’s just a really, really awkward situation. Additionally, our church has a home teacher system, where each family (ideally) is visited once a month by an elder who serves as a source of support for the family, brings a spiritual thought to the home, etc. The adoptive father being our home teacher just adds an additional measure of pain and discomfort for me.

I do apologize for my language. I’ve been dealing with this for a while, and some days I’m more hurt and angry than I can express.

Thanks for listening and being supportive. This hasn’t been a fun time.