People with deep voices

I’m obsessed with people with deep voices for some odd reason, especially men, so I’d like to garner as many as I possibly can so I can watch videos of them and drool. :smack: No, I don’t really drool to them.
I already have a list of some; I will not tell you how many are on there, but there are a lot. :smiley: So if you could name some celebrities with deep voices you know of, that would be quite awesome.
While you’re at it, do me a favor and don’t comment about how weird this topic is. I know full well.

Well, I have these people on my list (and more), so we can rule them out.

Ethan Peck
Heath Ledger
Matthew MacFadyen
Seth MacFarlane
Adrien Brody
Will Arnett
Peter Dinklage
Kiefer Sutherland (though his voice is a bit too gravelly for my tastes)
Patrick Warburton
Russell Crowe
Mike Rowe
Frank Bruno
Clancy Brown
Michael Clarke Duncan
Mel Gibson
Kelsey Grammer
Geoffrey Rush
Gordon Brown
Ron Perlman
Christopher Hitchens
Avery Brooks
Jeremy Irons
Tom Netherton
Willard White
Barry White (I just realized he and Willard White have the same last name! Willard White is an operatic bass, so…coincidence?)
Sam Elliott
Harrison Ford
Samuel Ramey
Paul Darrow
Stephen J. Cannell
Michael Gambon
Patrick Stewart
Tom Brokaw
Ian McKellen
Brian Mulroney
Peter Jennings
Dustin Hoffman
Ned Beatty
Morgan Freeman
George Takei
Robert Redford
David Hartman
Tom Baker
Peter O’Toole
Ted Cassidy
Johnny Cash
Robert MacNeil
James Earl Jones
James Coburn
Ed Ames
Fred Gwynne
Leslie Nielsen
Dick Van Dyke
Richard Burton
George Kennedy
William Marshall
Lee Marvin
Charlton Heston
Christopher Lee
Yul Brynner
Ken Nordine
Howard Cosell
Robert Mitchum
Walter Cronkite
Gregory Peck
Orson Welles
Lorne Greene
Alec Guinness
Thurl Ravenscroft
Don Ameche
John Wayne
George Sanders
Paul Robeson
Walter Pidgeon

Yes, it’s lots and lots of people. :o
And just so you all know, this isn’t the only thing I’m obsessed with.

Tay Zonday

Sean Connery.

Well me of course.:wink:

Wow, I have an SDMB crush :o

That was entertaining, Sampiro.

There’s a generational touchstone to people between about 35-50: the Nostradamus documentary narrated by Orson Welles. It scared the hell out of all of us- it probably terrified way more people than War of the Worlds did- and those I’ve talked to about it all agree it wouldn’t have been a tenth as effective without Orson’s voice. If Orson said it, then by God it must be true. (He was to the 70s and early 80s what Morgan Freeman is today in the “go to dignified-almost-Shakespearean narrator” department, except where Morgan comes across like a favorite uncle Orson came across like the grandfather who you feared and secretly hated when he visited.)

Turns out, I love you. :slight_smile:

Leonard Cohen.

Brad Roberts

Gary Owens.

Eugene Pallette. I win.

Trace Adkins

Sampiro, speaking as a woman, if we all needed further evidence of an inherently unfair universe, it’s the fact that you are gay. (Yeah, like *I *could have gotten you anyway…:rolleyes:)

Cue the Rick Roll

Baso profundo Maxim Mikhailov.

(Can’t link YouTube from work, but the coronation scene in Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible is a good example)

I like my deep voices gravelly:
Tom Waits
The incomparable Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Me (you’ll have to take my word for it).

Liam Neeson
Leonard Nimoy
Albert Finney
John Rhys-Davies (Gimli and voice of Treebeard in LOTR; Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Lee Hazlewood

Scott Walker

Andrew Eldritch from The Sisters Of Mercy.

These should fit the OP’s wish for smooth deep voices.