pepsi commercial question

It’s a DIET Pepsi commercial, actually, now that I think about it. It’s the one where (apparently) drinking Diet Pepsi makes you feel young. A guy is watching an outdoor rock concert, and everyone is covered in mud and having a grand old time. Then the guy notices that his father is right next to him, drinking a Pepsi and rocking along.

I’m assuming that the band used is just a generic band, since paying a real one would be pretty expensive for an ad like this. But I could swear that the lyrics to the song they’re singing goes, “Am I the one that’s going crazy? / I’m so tired of masturbating.” I am positive that the first line is correct, and I could swear that the second line is as I have heard it. But they couldn’t possibly use that second line, could they?

Can I ask another Pepsi commercial question while we’re on the subject? Yes? Thanks.

You know that commercial that looks like a broadway musical set to the tune of Carmen, I think it is? About the guy who gets bumped and loses his can of Pepsi. Who is that singer? Is she supposed to be someone? Am I that out of touch with the kids these days that I don’t recognize famous singers? Is she the one singing about masturbating in the question above?

Both of these commercials are viewable on the Pepsi website (

For the first poster, the word is “masquerading”.

The second one… that is Beyonce Knowles, of Destiny’s Child and Austin Powers Goldmember fame. I have to say, she constantly impresses me.

Huh. And here I thought I’d recognize Beyonce. She’s a hottie, but I thought that the singer was Latina, so I guess that was throwing me off. Thanks.

The band in the Diet Pepsi ad is MXPX, who are kind of a generic pop-punk band a la Blink 182. They have been showing that ad before movies in theaters lately.

And Beyonce Knowles starred in a hip hop movie version of Carmen on MTV a year or two ago, so I automatically assumed that her ad might have been filmed a while back, or at least meant to follow up on the movie.

Are you implying that there’s something wrong with masturbation? Even the sex ed teachers will tell you that seeing commercials with masturbation references is safer than seeing commercials with direct sex references, even condoms. Those trojan commercials are only 99.8% effective, which means that every 1 out of 500 people who view it will get pregnant or an STD.