Pepsi Edge


I was out grocery shopping and felt experimental. I bought Pepsi Edge because it is half the calories because they replaced part of the sugar with sucralose(Splenda). Splenda is decent… so I gave it a shot.


An after taste on the level of Nutrasweet with a petrochemical after taste and the carbonation is almost gone within minutes of pouring.

I’ll stick with regular.

Next I’ll be trying Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Hopefully that will be a better experience.

Thank you. Your taste buds did not die in vain. I was wondering what that stuff was like…now I know! :smiley:

Mountain Dew Pitch Black is okay.

I prefer the real thing.

It really isn’t very grape in taste, and the flavor notes that are usual from Mountain Dew really aren’t present.


Here’s the dissenting opinion:

Pepsi Edge is excellent. I compared it with C2 not too long ago. C2 tastes like someone cut Coca-Cola with Diet Coke. Pepsi Edge tastes like a less-sweet Pepsi and is eminently drinkable. Only a mild artificial sweetener aftertaste.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black is very mediocre. I was disappointed by it.

I wasn’t crazy about Pepsi Edge either. Seemed about as tasty as Pepsi One but with more calories. What a waste. I prefer C2, but, then again, I’m a Coke girl in the first place so I might be biased.

I liked it. But I like Pepsi One too.

We got it by accident, and left it in the car after 2-3 sips, even though we were really thirsty.


Here’s what I don’t understand:

Diet Coke has no Calories (or maybe one Calorie). Pepsi One has only one Calorie. Both of these products, of course, have negligible levels of carbohydrate.

Yet, these brand new “low carb” versions of Coke and Pepsi have fully half the Calories (and carbohydrates) of the regular versions!

If Splenda (sucralose) is so much better tasting than Nutra-sweet (aspartame), then why don’t Coke and Pepsi come out with versions of their products that are sweetened entirely with Splenda? Why do these half-assed half-Splenda half-sugar products at all?

I find that Pepsi edge has an unpleasant flinty aftertaste. I prefer C2.

Actually, I prefer real Pepsi or Coke, but I’ve cut a lot of sugar out of my diet, and drinking a full can of normal soda (or a full glass of juice, or a full bottle of sweetened iced tea . . .) makes me sick to my stomach. sigh It’s probably for the best.

What really pisses me off, though, is that all V-8 Splash, even the non-diet, now comes with freakin’ sucralose in it! I used to drink it all the time, watered down by half with seltzer water, and the hubby loved it full strength. Why, why, why take such a delicious beverage and give it a nasty diety aftertaste? Make diet if people want to buy diet, but why mess with the original? I’m very annoyed.