Percussion Recognition

Kudos Ian!

It’s nice to have someone appreciate percussionists. I was one for many years (my specialty was mallets, but I did my share of auxiliary work) and everybody always thinks it’s so easy. The concept is best demonstrated by the old joke:

Q: What do you call a guy who likes to hang out with musicians?

A: A drummer.

They’re all so jealous it’s disgusting.

Anyway, I just wanted to say “thank you” for showing the TM the truth on this particualr issue.

I think this is out of place as far as far as the message board you should be using (should be in mailbag answers, right?) but anyway I have to agree.

Although I play guitar and have made the same joke you quoted, the truth is I am always blown away by a really talented drummer. They kick ass harder than anyone else. And I love all the ‘axilliary’ percussion that you hear throughout much of Zappa’s work - it adds so much character and personality. I also know from experience that it is really hard to do! I’ll stick with my fret-board thanks. Mailbag column by Ian.

Q: How do you tell when the stage is perfectly level?
A: The drummer drools out both sides of his mouth.


My favorite percussion joke is:

How can you tell if there’s a drummer knocking on your door?

He’s rushing.

what do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? homeless! (rimshot please)

really, i think percussion is awesome (i play guitar)especially the timbales.

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