Père the Rhymer has decided to vote for McCain

You wouldn’t think a black man in his mid-seventies who has never lived anywhere but the South, and who has been known to blame all America’s troubles on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., would be willing to go Republican, but that’s why my father is doing.

Here’s a spot of background. My father, though by almost every conceivable metric a better man than I am, is not well educated; my mother used to caution us that, though he had gone as far as the 8th grade in school, given the quality of the schools in rural Mississippi at that time Dad had no better than a 3rd grade education. He doesn’t read much other than the Bible, and his consistently voting Democratic for the past 44 years has mostly been reflexive. He is also a Pentecostal Christian and a lay minister in his church.

Anyway…he watched the tail end of the debate the other night and discovered something he had apparently been unaware of: the candidates’ position on Roe v. Wade, and by extension abortion. Believing abortion to be murder, he was troubled to discover Obama is pro-choice. He’s consulted with this pastor, and the two of them have decided that, although they trust Obama more on the economy, foreign policy, and almost everything else, abortion is a deal-breaker. Dad’s position is basically that the recovery of the economy and victory in the is ultimately in God’s hands, not the administration’s, and that God is punishing the country for permitting abortion (and homosexuality) by means of the economic downturn and the problems in Iraq & Afghanistan. if we get right on that one issue, everything else will thus miraculously fall into place. :dubious:

Why is this thread in the Pit, you ask? Well, for two reasons, the more important of which is so I can end this post appropriately.

[deep breath]

Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck FUCK!!!

Ask him why abortion is okay in cases of rape and incest, if it’s “murder”.

If he doesn’t believe in rape/incest exceptions then you should probably just count your stars that he voted Democratic until now.

I think not. Years spent having screaming arguments with my father when I was in my twenties have convinced me that I am better off avoiding certain subjects. Moreover that would bring up the sore spot of my son’s sister, who sends him grandparent’s day cards, and my “letting” her having an abortion a while back.

What’s the second reason?

Even though I don’t agree with your father’s priorities, he’s voting rationally…McCain is more likely to do things against abortion and homosexuality than Obama is, so if those are really the two issues on which your dad’s vote is based, McCain is closer to him than Obama.

Oh, so if I can tell people to bite me if need be.

Anyway, what bothers me is single-issue (okay, dual) voters, and also the irrational acts fundamentalist causes people to take.

Assuming there’s a creator of the Universe, and even assuming it gives the damn I’m told it does about the US, why would this god of yours punish Iraq because of America’s blasphemous ways? Because the punishment the US has received is nothing compared to what it’s dishing out, and it must be God’s will that the US invade Iraq, right?

Well, y’know, tragedy is when the U.S. cuts its finger. Comedy is when Iraq falls into a sewer and dies.

You’ve never actually read the Old Testament, I take it. The God thereabouts is quite efficent. He’d use the Babylonians to punish Israel for being wicked, then use the Persians to punish Babylon for being wicked, then send a few Israelites home so the Greeks & Romans could punish them in new and exciting ways.

If it makes you feel any better, I just found out my uncle is voting for Obama.

He’s a very stereotypical Western PA hillbilly, with lots and lots of guns. Who has gone to Alaska to hunt “bar.” He was in the Navy. He’s not particularly a nice fellow (although he’s nice to me - his sons would tell you otherwise).

But I thought that was a nice glimmer of hope for the country when I found out that he was not blindly voting for McCain.

So rest easy to know that a middle-aged white hillbilly is trading his vote with your older black grandad.

My father, you mean. My grandfather was born in 1899 and no longer exercises the franchise, as, being dead, he is only eligible to vote in Illinois.

God’s getting slack, then. A blip in the economy? What is this, amateur epoch?

The Nazarene’s running things now, and he’s a soft touch. Why, once he comped meals for FIVE THOUSAND GUYS (and their wives and kids!) who didn’t have the sense to pack so much as a granola bar when they knew they were going to be out all day.

But so, presumably, has every other Democratic candidate he’s voted for in the last 44 years. Must be a hell of a surprise for him to learn he’s been supporting baby killers and fags all that time.

I don’t get it either.

Sorry. Your use of French in the title threw me off, you elitist :wink:

Offer to drive him to the polls on Nov 5th.

Oh, please. As of this moment, there are 5832 pieces of evidence that I am not an elitist. I am an ASSHOLE!

Well then fret not, as Obama will carry Illinois handily. Your grandfather’s vote will cancel out your fathers. :smiley:

I’m not really pitting my father, of course. He’s a good man. I’m pitting the attitudes of uneducated and single-issue voters, particularly fundamentalists, evangelicals, and pentecostals, who bring us a nasty surprise on the 4th.

I’m curious: Why are you referring to your “son’s sister” rather than your daughter?