Perfect poll test

I just want to see if this works.

This is the perfect poll! You can figure out whether people will comment from the perspective of before or after they’ve voted.

Sometimes, you’re just cool, Czar.

And any no votes are automatically disqualified. This is the world’s most accurate poll.

Why isn’t there an option for ‘I’m not sure. I might have done, but I can’t remember’?

Or in a Schrodinger way, ‘I won’t be able to tell until I see the results’.

When you get to my age there are so many imponderables.

I voted “No”, but now I need to change my vote.

Not only did I select “No, I have not voted in this poll”, I refuse to vote in this poll! You’ll get nothing from me! Mwahahahahaha!

I voted “yes”, because I usually vote truthfully in these things. But it is showing 8 “no” votes at the moment, so it’s not working as intended (for me, anyway).

At first I was like “no”… then when I all “yes” and stuff.

All “yes” voters are liars.

That was on Star Trek!

This is just too much pressure!

While this poll is as perfect as is possible on this board, the inspiration for it came from my son Colin, who wanted a one choice poll-Yes.

I never vote in polls so I truthfully voted no.

Considering the responses so far, maybe I should have titled it “The Bizarro Poll”.

All I can say is maybe.

This is much like the survey I did on-line recently. It was about whether I was voting for our incumbent senator or her opponent. Since I was voting for her, I was disqualified from the survey.
Two days later I got the same result when, in a subsequent survey, I said I’d vote yes to eliminating state run liquor stores.

I know where you live! (I’m voting the same as you.)

Actually, if you had made both choices yes, then it would have been even more perfect (yes, I just used the phrase “more perfect”, stone me now). Because then, “Yes” would have gotten 100 percent of the votes either way.

How could anyone answer “Yes” if you’re only allowed to vote once, so if you’re voting, you can’t have voted?

If I recall the rules correctly, we are not allowed to stone anyone outside the pit! :wink: