Test: How many Poll options are possible?


Results: empty poll options are eliminated.
Follow up question: How muych time do you have to fill in all the poll options? Is there a time-out?

And … pulls into the lead! As is to be expected.


I voted “…” because I don’t really know, so it seemed like the honest choice.

Dude! Why did you make it public? I mean, I’m OK with revealing this, but not everybody will be! :mad:

I voted for six. It was my first instinct and I thought I should go with it.

Anything more than 9 is gluttonous.

This makes me think…do we get to vote on other aspects of the board?
How long do we wait between searches? How many sizes should we allow? How many IP bans should happen per day?

I guess the trick is getting the results to be implemented…

You forgot to include 11 as an option. Also, your poll has a well established liberal bias.

Obviously the correct response is ‘200?’, because the answer to the question *might *be 200…amiright?

You stopped trying at 12 options? Why didn’t you just plug in “9999” when it asked you for number of options to see what happened (spoiler: it allows you to make a poll with 9999 options)?

See post number 2. That would require typing in 9999 options.

I voted for all the options, since of course all of them are “possible”. :slight_smile:

OpalCat’s latest poll had 59 options, so the maximum has to be at least that.

Where’s Mewl Dear when you need her? :smiley:

I’m sorry, Toucanna, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the concept of “needing” Mewl Dear (who, incidentally, appears to be a him, not a her).

There can be only one!

Manually adding Gary’s sig:

Nice sig/message combination. :slight_smile:

Ya know, I thought MD was a he, but a Doper who’s been around longer than I have referred to him as her in another thread and I thought, “I’m a n00b here. What the #$^% do I know?” Lead astray by my elders and supposedly betters. grumble, grumble sulk… my lovely joke all ruined. wah!