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Good afternoon teeming millions,
I am putting together a power point presentation that needs to be e-mailed out to numerous stores. I have been working with PowerPoint for about 3 years but only doing basic simple things, and now I have reach an impasse During this presentation I would like specific music to be playing. I know how to make it play on an individual slide but not how to make it run continues over the entire presentation. I know there must be a simple solution that I’m missing but for the life of me I can’t find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Select the inserted sound, click on Options | Play Sound: Play Across Slides. That is for WinPPT2007. If you’re using another version let me know specifically and I can tell you how to do it there also.

Most of the earlier versions involve selecting the sound, then going to Custom Animation, selecting the sound in the Order List, going to Media Options and choosing “Stop Playing After” X Slides. If you want it to loop set “Loop Continuously” and if you want all slides make X the total number of slides in the Presentation.

Thank you very much. I’m driving home right now but I shall try it as soon as I can.
And I know you get asked all the time but I just have to.

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Ok I just tried it. I might be misunderstanding you. I went to Insert then movies and sounds, but I don’t see an options tab. Am I missing something very obvious?

Thanks again

Please take this with a grain of salt, and ignore it if so inclined, but as someone who’s done maybe 3,000 ppt presentations, I urge you to forgo the music. Unless it’s specifically relevant to the information, it will most likely be more annoying and distracting than useful. Again, a personal suggestion from someone who has absolutely no idea what the presentation is about or what the music is; just a cardinal rule I follow as a ppt designer/editor: to keep the focus on the information, and ensure that anything “extra”–animations, sounds, etc.–serve to clarify, and not distract.

Insert | Movies and Sounds, navigate to the sound you want and then insert it.

From there, you should be able to follow my instructions above. Effect Options is visible in the Custom Animations pane with the inserted sound selected.

If you still want to.


I could not agree with you more! I hate music and animation effects in presentations. I unfortunately am a drone. I was told that I should create a power point to help with a big new launch. “You are the most creative person in the group and always have great ideas” then I was told to do it as A. B. C. and not to deviate. Good thing I’m creative huh? :smack:
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I just added a song that plays through the whole presentation! :smiley:

Thank you

(Any thoughts on how to get rid of the graphic of the music player on the first slide? It’s not important but it would look nice. It already starts on it’s own but the icon is still there.)

Again thank you so very much

I think you could actually move the graphic off the slide, out to one side, and it will still work fine, but not show during the presentation.

sandra_nz has it - move the sound icon into the pasteboard.

As someone else who’s done several thousand presentations (and sat through countless others) and taught PowerPoint, I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, somewhere around here is a pretty good thread about PowerPoint pet peeves, but darned if I can find it.

My number one peeve: Your presentation should not consist of your reading each slide word for word. If that’s your presentation, just print off the slide show and let’s skip the presentation.

Sorry for the hijack.