Perfectly Legal Skin Care

I custom make facial and body care that has no harmful chemical ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully researched and combined to care for your skin naturally, safely and efficiently.

The backstory: I don’t mind paying for skin care products that work, but so many of them have petroleum-based and sketchy ingredients that really don’t do anything but prolong the shelf-life of the product, rather than actually working for the health and beauty of the skin. So I started researching the ingredients used in the products that my friends and I used and loved. I found the most effective ingredients and I use them in the most effective percentages in my products. No animal testing is done on my products; no artificial colors, perfumes or fillers are used.

I make products in relatively small batches at the time you order to ensure their freshness and potency. Please see my webstore for details, and I welcome suggestions and questions. Bonne santé!

Two of your products(Blue Heaven and Holy Grail) are $75 each for 30 ml. bottles. If used nightly, how long will a bottle last, and how long before results will be visible(on average)?

:slight_smile: thank you for your interest Czarcasm (great name!)

YMMV but a bottle lasts me 3 months for my face, neck and chest nightly, which is the recommended advisable time for product potency, once opened.

It depends how large an area you are applying it to and how much you use of course. One or two pumps to each area is sufficient since the products are concentrated.

If you have product left over nearing the end of the 3 month span you can use it on arms and hands and breasts too.

Regarding how long will results become visible: It depends where you start, really. If your skin is quite damaged from sun, hormonal depletion, bad nutrition, poor health, etc, it may take months to realize improvement, provided you are addressing the other problems too. Someone with relatively well-maintained skin would see results sooner. The “turnover time” for skin is 28 days, so theoretically it would take that long to see a definite change, but improvement in glow and moisture content could be seen in a week or so.

Hope this answers your questions! If not, happy to go into more detail!

Thank you.


Merry Christmas and a healthy prosperous New Year from Serafina