Perhaps an impossible SNL question...

…what performer/castmember over the years has said the famous “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” the most often?

This is likely to be someone who was on the show for a long time, particularly if they were an actor (like tonight) who’d repeatedly play a current events figure, like the POTUS (since these are often the subject of the cold opens).

I have to believe somewhere out there, someone has actually counted and compiled this figure, but haven’t seen such a tally anywhere. Anyone want to venture a guess (or direct me to somewhere that might have a speculative answer)?

I’d email SNL directly.

My wag would be that guy who did the Clinton impression.

Years ago, I remember reading somewhere it was Dana Carvey, due to his Bush and Perot impressions. That could have changed by now, though.

More than you ever thought you COULD know about the phrase “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night”

Although they say that a cite is needed, still. Maybe you could write to NBC and then you could have infamy as the person who provided such a crucial nugget to wikipedia!

Unless I beat you to it, that is. :smiley:

Flex, I knew it was the Clinton guy, he was the only one who did the presidential impression for the full eight years.

Dana Carvey only could have done his Bush impression for 4 years.
Will Farrell did the GW impression, but he left before GW left office.

It’s not surprising that Darrell Hammond should hold the record for saying the phrase, since he was a cast member for fourteen years. But he was not the only one who played Clinton. He was only hired in 1995, so he couldn’t have played Clinton until three years into his first term.

Phil Hartman did the better Clinton.

I concur.

I miss Phil Hartman, he was a great comedic actor.

Nah, some moron of an editor would reject your writing to the staff at SNL as “Original Research”.