What all presidents or meaningful presidential contenders have hosted SNL

I know Trump did recently, but did people like Bill (or Hillary) Clinton ever host? Did Al Gore, Carter, Nixon, Bush, etc. ever host?

I know many of them have had guest appearances on SNL, but I don’t think many of them have hosted.

Steve Forbes hosted. But I don’t think that actually answers your question.

John McCain hosted in 2002. (He was the Republican Presidential nominee in 2008).

Nixon was no longer president when SNL started. However, Nixon did appear on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and on the show Laugh-In. I don’t know if any presidents or candidates appeared on entertainment television before that.

ETA: Al Gore hosted SNL after he lost to the Bush.

Rudy Giuliani and Ralph Nader both hosted, long before becoming candidates. Jesse Jackson hosted once in 1984, some months after his first bid for the nomination.

The Clintons, Carter, Nixon, and Bush never hosted. It’s a stretch to say they were meaningful candidates, but George McGovern hosted in 1984 about a month after dropping out of the race, and Al Sharpton, a fringe candidate in 2004, hosted in late 2003. As a gag, Paul Simon appeared during the opening monologue when the musician of the same name hosted in 1987, feigning ignorance that he was supposed to be the actual host.