Perils of Zoom trials : “Your Honour, I am not a cat.”

However, he was prepared to go forward with the hearing in Cat-mode. True barrister.

Oh, man, I just laughed waaaaaay too much.

““I’m here live, I’m not a cat.”


A true catastrophic Zoom heading.

But it seems to me this is just what a feline imposter would say. Ask the “lawyer” if he has been fed yet.

Somebody open a can in the kitchen and see if he runs out there.

Does the judge have a laser pointer?

Or, how long before he lies down for a nap!

Or request a recess to use the litter box.

He should have asked for a pawse in the hearing to fix his technology.

This should make the mainstream media. It is mews, after all.

Seriously, that’s hilarious! “I’ve got my assistant here, and she’s trying to fix it, but I’m prepared to move forward… But I am not a cat.” Had me laughing so loud, it disturubed my own cats, who are napping nearby.

Spoons, check out CanLII:

Don’t know how long they’ll keep it up.

What am I looking for there? The link just goes to the search page.

Look at where it normally says CanLII at the top left.

Okay, I see it. Thanks for making me laugh out loud again–my cats were once again disturbed, and look like they may be thinking of finding a quieter place to nap.

I can take a screen shot (barely), but I have no idea how to link it here. Do you?

Yes, but you have to upload it to an offsite host first, and link to it there. You cannot upload it directly to the SDMB.

Okay, I think I’ve got it…

There we are!


For those not familiar with Canadian legal search engines, CanLII is one of the most popular. This afternoon, they’re CatLII. :smiley_cat:

(I tried to post it, but techno-peasantry defeated me at the point of uploading to Flickr.)

You’d need a Flickr account. I have one (I used to participate in a lot of Cracked photoplasties, and they also required offsite hosting), so it was easy for me to do. And I was happy to do it.