6.22 6:28 pm cdt

I have been told that at the present time your old permalnks/bookmarks are not working.

Discourse is in the process of going through all those links and repairing them so they will once again work for you.

Like the Fight Against Ignorance it’s taking longer than we thought.

But it is progressing and you will be able to use these links again. Just not today.

It’s the same situation as with the spoiler tags and the quote function: all the ones imported to the board need to be “rebaked” to get them to work again. This will happen but again, ain’t no overnight thing.

In the meantime your patience is appreciated.

We are lurching towards betterment and soon this will be your new normal. A bit of a struggle in the meantime … but have you seen any gateway errors?


your humble TubaDiva

No, but I look forward to getting my “First Gateway Error” badge!

No joke, after I posted that I got a badge for the first time I edited a post…

They can actually make their own badges. Gateway Error or Timeout wouldn’t be a bad one to give to all the survivors who made the migration.

“I Survived The Great Timeout Of 2020 And All I Got Was This Stupid Badge” badge.


Great job, Team. Migrations suck, but this one came through relatively clean. Way to go, TubaDiva.


As always, thanks, TubaDiva!

Oh, it’s participation trophies for everyone!

While I am of the “we don’t need no steenkin badges” mindset, it seems to make Discourse happy when I do something prosaic, so yay me and go on with your bad self.

I need a badge for “first time eyes rolled out of head.”

your humble TubaDiva

The Development Team really needs to be held in high esteem, they have been so dedicated and so relentless in solving problems.

Discourse is working with us through issues and fixing stuff and working leves and whatever it is they’re doing behind the curtain. Much appreciated.

Me, I just want to make you happy. Or point you in the general direction, at least.

Love always,


If you get one, I think we all get one.

Seriously, though. I’m getting used to this. And I appreciate all the users who are answering questions for those of us too lazy to read the help manual. We’ll get there.

No gateway errors, and most of us are in the same boat. So we’re learning together.


If only we still had the “Like” button…

All I can say is thank you. Thank you. :slight_smile: :+1:

Good job, development team and Tuba, of course.

Please could someone help Jim-B I think he fell through the cracks. I’m worried.

It seems Jim_B has gotten his problems fixed. Yay!