Perry Bible Fellowship, amazing comic!

This is one of the best comics I’ve ever seen, web or in print. It reminds me of a slightly more twisted and geeky Farside, it is that good. Been following it for years now, sadly they have tapered off but man.

Just thought I’d share here and see if there are any other fans.

I had not seen this before, and I like it. Thanks!

If you like PBF you might like

There’s currently a long running thread that discusses the various comics from that strip.

Hands down my favorite comic strip. It’s too bad he has mainly moved on to other things.

Yes, this guy definitely thinks like I do. A real penchant for the brighter side of things.

Two of my favorites: Miggs and The last unicorn, but there are a lot of good ones in there.

I sent the birthday one to my coworker on her birthday.

He also did a great Gorey-themed strip.

It’s brilliant content. I wish it was a little more easily navigable.

He only seems to have added an extra three in the last year or so. At one point I think he was updating it weekly.

AHEM. 95% of those are NSFW. PBF has nudity sometimes but not really explicit, such as “Zarflax”/#51.

I’ve always liked No Survivors, in a morbid way. He put a book out (egads, 2007?). Now he updates… quarterly to twice a year, maybe. Also, another book, but I understand there’s some overlap. I only have the first one linked.


The closest I’ve found to the now defunct PBF is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal which continues to be consistently delightful.

The Sun loves the Earth. My favorite.