Pet pictures!

Nibbler likes to pose even when she’s relaxing.

I didn’t mention that Jay Jay passed over the rainbow bridge. was just sharing his image here. What on God’s gray Earth would make you say something like that in any case?

I am terribly sorry about your dog. I was just joking about his coloring, that his face appeared a brighter orange color than his body. As I said, I thought he was a cutie. I apologize for the way it was written. I only meant to compliment your dog and comment on what looked like unique coloring. I should not have written anything except that he was very handsome.

Well, I felt all stabby for a spell cause that thought had never crossed my mind but I’ll have to admit that you nailed it and now I can’t stop giggling, damn it! :rofl:

This elegant lady sunning herself in my living room is Dexie (full name: C.K. Dexter Haven):

And this tub of lard loitering in my office is Tony:

Unfortunately, they hate each other, so I have no pictures of both of them together.

The true stars are always aware that the paparazzi are perpetually lurking, looking for that shot that will turn the subject into an international internet celebrity. Who knows-- Nibbler’s phone might ring one day and it will be an agency searching for the new Face of Friskies, or Face of Fancy Feast. Then you’ll be laughing out of the other side of your face on the way to the bank. That is, if Nibbler’s team of lawyers cuts you in.

OMG! The Altoids tin! I’ve got FOUR of them on my desk right now! They pile up because I can never bring myself to throw one away.

P.S. I also have a calico and a black who do NOT get along. They both got along with the late great Max, but when he went to the Rainbow Bridge, it all went sideways.

The evidence: Damning

The guilt: Palpable

The Defendant: Luna

Google Photos

You can click on the image to see the whole thing, but actually, it’s more artistic and dramatic the way it appears on the board with just Luna’s guilty butt showing. I mean, that butt really looks guilty! This could be the cover of a noir-ish detective novel.

Tikva takes up her cool weather position.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I refer you to Exhibit “A”, the very first post in this thread featuring photographs of Luna. I ask you to look at those eyes. Look at that angelic, innocent face. I ask you to look deep into your soul, and ask yourself whether such a divine blameless creature, a devoted Friend of Man since times immemorial, could possibly be capable of such a monstrous act. I ask you whether the cause of Justice would not be better served by making thorough inquiries about the possible presence of a Cat in the house, or the likelihood that a Cat could have insinuated itself into the house and thereby been present at the scene of the crime. For Cats are furtive creatures, ladies and gentlemen. They are not honest, and they are highly adept at committing monstrous crimes and then deflecting blame onto their canine brethren. I call on Heaven as my witness, on all that is righteous and just, that this travesty which you see before you was surely the work of a Cat.

Luna claimed it was the raccoons.

Since there were no witnesses, I pronounced her guilty and punished her with chin scritches and breakfast treats.

Not Luna, but funny:

Hati, my BiL 3 month old puppy. Went from 20 to 26 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Still has some way to go before he fits his paws

Someone has some paws they need to grow into.

Hati looks like one hungry puppy.

Yeah I am guessing that’s going to be 70 to 80lbs of velcro when he grows up.

That link appears to be pointing to your Yahoo mail box and just returns an error when I click on it.

Gracie got some pajamas. I used to not like clothes on dogs, but my previous pit mix and this one have convinced me that we keep our house too cool in the winter for them to go around in the buff all the time.

The dog’s pajamas

The question is, do you go around the house all the time in the buff. pictures please :smirk:

We think PK the cat loves her just a little more, now, too.