Pet pictures!

She is the personification caninification of her name.

Here is Benny at his current 10 months old.


Awww, he’s extremely gorgeous and adorable :skritches: from afar.

I really wish this had been in focus.

On a similar note:

Fittingly, the Post of the Beast.

They are sleeping on a “box” of concrete. That’s great.

That’s actually a bird feeder. Which birds never use for some reason.

The cats apparently misunderstood what “bird feeder” meant. A kind of feline version of “To Serve Man”.

And by “bird feeder” I meant “bird bath”…

Looking at the picture, by “bird”, you apparently meant “cat”. :wink:

Here are some pics of the boys.


Huck & Rigs sleeping on my lap

Zeb & Rigs chillin’ outside on the old dog bed (the one time that day they weren’t annoying each other)

Walking in the woods

Love them!

Being able to take your dog on unleashed walks is awesome. I’m able to do it with Luna, glad I’m not the only one with this luxury.

Very handsome dogs, wonderful pics thank you!

I love kitty yawns and always get jealous of people who are able to catch them on film!



I love the tufts of golden hair she has under her ears, and on her throat. And the white spot on Luna’s chest.


Super cute! I like the little white on her chin!

And the red highlights on her ears. Very stylish!

Here’s EC in one of her preferred lounging locations in my teeny-weeny back yard. (You’re seeing pretty much the whole yard here.) She has several choice spots that she circulates through depending on the time of day.

There are two other all-black cats on my street, but I can always spot her, even a block away, by her Birdsbesafe collar. Yesterday I came home from the grocery store, and there was a black cat on my porch with no collar on. I thought it was EC, but I wasn’t 100% sure. But when I opened the front door, she ran in and swatted my other cat Tikva as she bolted for the food bowl. Yup, that was my girl. I found her collar later in the back yard. I keep collars lined up and ready to go, so I immediately put another one on her.

This is our foster dog, Teddy; she’s a 13+ YO Border Collie. I’m hoping for a “foster fail” (I hate that phrase).

Hi, Teddy! You look like you’d like to stay at this excellent home!

– and @ThelmaLou, cats get comfortable in what to humans look like very strange positions, don’t they?