Pet pictures!

As @ThelmaLou may be able to attest, it’s a gorgeous day here in San Antonio, a perfect time for a photo shoot, as Luna now narrates:

First I got confused as to what Dad wanted…


… and maybe Dad has had better ideas than ‘Hey, Luna, I’m going to lie down here and you come and be cute’…



… and sometimes I just wanted to lie down and curl up…


But Dad got some good pictures of me despite my best efforts!








Yes, it is absolutely beautiful today. Windy, bright blue sky, around 80, nice and dry.

At about 3 am, we had a couple of hours of hard rain. I woke up right before and stayed up. My old dog Sweetie woke up, too, and went out into the torrential downpour to pee, God bless her. What a trooper!

This is Monkey up close:

… and here he’s being silly & also showing off his double thumbs:

My lil’ old lady Nikki having a snooze:

… and contemplating something:

Luna is very photogenic.

Benny (Korat) on the left. Tibby on the right.

Tibby died last night, on the way to the cat hospital. Brief, but severe illness. He didn’t suffer long. I’m glad I was holding him when he passed, instead of in a pen among strangers. I’ve had many cats over the years, but Tibby was by far the most affectionate. He demanded to sit on our laps and followed us everywhere. He is greatly missed.

Beautiful cats! I’m sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry!

I am so sorry. He is absolutely gorgeous. Is it me, or are his eyes actually two different shades of green? (And obviously his nose is a heart).

No, his eyes were the same color. They may appear different because I Photoshopped that pic so it would pop on the front of my debit card. Here’s a more natural photo (note Tibby tattoo on daughter’s arm):

I adopted Tibby from a lady who rescued him from the talons of an owl who was taking flight with Tibby-kitten. He had a permanent scar on his head, and slightly bent ear, as a result.

And I can see he lived a charmed life ever after. I’m sorry for the pain you and your family are having, but glad you guys had a loving life together.

Tubby was a very handsome kitty. Lots of kitty intelligence behind those eyes.

Glad you had each other.

Tibby was a little chubby, but not quite tubby.

Yes. Sorry about that. I meant it to be sincere admiration and condolences.

After all, I have the tubby cat. We actually call her Pudgebutt more often her real name.

Your Tibby is not only beautiful, but also lucky to have had you. I’m so sorry that you’ve lost your kitty. May memories and stories about Tibby comfort you all,

No worries, it made me smile. And, thanks for the kind words.

I’ve never called Nikki this in my/her life. But I said the word just now and she looked right up.

We know that cats have many names. Thank you for telling me one of Nik’s that was unknown to me until now.

Maybe it’s some super secret feline sorority. God knows I was never allowed in a human one.

The PB Sisterhood. Go Phi Beta sisters! Clutch those pearls with your white gloves!

The cats are lovely, and my heart to you for your loss.

Don’t mean to threadshit, but Kizzy often copies whatever Loki does.