Pet pictures!

Oh, and a picture of our Cat, Ty.


I did do the space suit. And the helmet.

In space no one can hear you meow.

So, how’s it feel to be the third (fourth? fifth?) smartest creature in the household? :wink:

Beautiful K9s!

Hah! I’ve got this one, which I put together as a joke. I was babysitting my mom’s dog at the time and bringing her with me to work and someone observed that she had the same serious demeanor and solemn expression as one of the longtime shelter residents and they should get married.

Beautiful indeed! And the intelligence of Border Collies is sometimes scarily amazing!

Thanks! They are actually our fourth and fifth Border Collies. We got our first one a couple of years after we got married, and for the next 29 years we’ve never been without a Border Collie. And yeah, I’m pretty sure they are training us.

Right now I am sitting on the sofa watching a dog show. Or rather, I’m surfing the net while Merry watches a dog show. She loves them.

Very nicely done, @SurrenderDorothy! :slight_smile:

Who do you think writes my posts?

And yeah, I layed that one up for you…

Love that! Wait, I had something for this…

You should call the picture “American Pawthic.”

Sounds just like my wife and I; we’re on numbers 4 and 5 – 5 is a foster and 4 is (and #2 was) a BC/Golden Retriever mix (I jokingly say she’s smart as a whip one second and dumb as a bag of hammers the next.). NEVER a dull moment! NEVER!

Not them. Canines are inherently socialists and I’m pretty sure both Ruby and Merry are Liberal supporters and probably party members. Actually, Merry looks to me more like an NDP type. :smiley:

Well, Merry is from New Zealand, So it could be.

Ruby, on the other hand, comes from good Alberta cattle dog stock. You should see her in her “Make Poop Great Again” hat.

I don’t think it’s just me: you can actually see them thinking (read: plotting)!

There was a news item a few years back where the BC could ID each of his 100 different toys. I don’t doubt for one minute the beastie didn’t know each toy, but the testing protocol was skewed – the master didn’t put each toy back in the bunch (and he should have mixed them up). Still… .

I can’t believe that I didn’t include Bailey in my earlier post.

Then again, she and Ollie have formed an uneasy truce. Ollie is okay with her being in the same room, but he stays a little wary and tense when she’s around.

In honor of my official return to the shelter today, I give you… the kittens.

Had to head south for a day and took Benny. He needed to stretch his legs so found a good spot to let him run. Birds found, but no pheasant or quail.

That’s so beautiful!

Kittens! Hurray!!!

(plays Star Trek “fight” music)…

Kizzy is currently having two 15 minute training sessions a day in preparation of her Canine Good Citizen Certification. With Halloween coming up, we decided to do her training in costume. After six such sessions, she is comfortable playing King Of The Beasts.