Pet pictures!

I’m a week late – we’ve been having computer problems – but I shall sing for NBDD:

Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move
Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove

(Take it, wolfpup!

A slightly different version.)

That’s adorable!

When I look at pictures from November/December of Poe, it’s amazing to me how short his fur was at 4-5 months compared to now. Once he shed his first winter coat, the new coat grew in a lot longer. They’re shedding now to grow in their winter coats, so I wouldn’t be surprised if George is looking a lot different by Christmas.

Four Months (with his brother, Linden)

Five Months

Thirteen Months

Edit: and Linden on his birthday too, just cause :slight_smile:

He is growing into a magnificent cat! How much does he weigh now?

I really appreciate you sharing his pics, so cute that even at 4 months you can clearly see the size difference between Poe and Linden.

The thing is, when I look at Poe’s pics, even his early ones, I always see a Maine Coon. I don’t when I look at George.

Now, I know that he is a coon. I’ve seen his parents and siblings. I have papers I can send in to the CFA and register him if I want. I just don’t see a coon when I look at him.

It’s all good. He’s a kitten so he’s a PITA but all babies are IMHO. He wants to be a good cat and tries, but he’s a kitten and has the attention span of a goldfish. He’s already accomplished his purpose and I get the added benefit of living with a wonderful pet, so, it doesn’t really matter if a strange cat managed to break into the cattery or not.

edit to say thank you again and Linden is also as handsome as can be!

I weighed them last week, and I think I got them to hold still on the digital scale long enough to get an accurate reading:
Poe 15.5 pounds
Linden 11.5 pounds

Rocco is a beautiful Congo African Grey.

I found this old vid, and decided wth, I’ll post:

I like your kitten video.
Here’s a video of my cat Nicky, stealing yarn:
Nicky steals yarn
And I promise he doesn’t eat it, even though it looks like he was shoveling it into his mouth. I accounted for all the yarn afterwards.

Here’s a fuzzy video of my feline retriever. Ignore the cluttered house.

This is Ollie trying to look dapper.

Succeeding, I would say.

There are few memories that can match being covered by sleeping puppies (during a visit to the breeder). Pluto, who we eventually adopted, is dozing down by my left foot.

Eeeeeee! What an absolutely lovely way to spend a day!

Someone could probably make money on this. Puppy-pile cuddles by the hour. I know I’d want that. :wink:

Vienna, on her 15th birthday

She’s adorable, look at those eyes!

What a sweet looking lady. Is she a cuddle-cat? She looks so plush, she’d be a wonderful lap warmer!

She’s a cuddle-cat, but at our sides rather than on our laps. And she loves to purr!

Pretty grande dame kitty!

Cocoa (above) and Vash on the cat tree:


Kizzy at the brewery. She has grown to adore my gf (as do I).