I need a clever name for a new kitty

Pictures later, I swear, but I’m at work without a camera right now.

One of my cops was dispatched to a small black and white cat loitering and meowing in a suspicious manner at one of the apartment complexes in the south end of town. I had been toying with the idea of getting a new kitty as a companion to my Luna, who becomes a Velcro kitty when I’m home and sits around being lonely when I’m not. So the officer took the suspect kitty into custody and brought her to me.

Right now she’s snoozing on a cushion in front of the radiological disaster packets. She seems active and curious, and she’s friendly enough, but not terribly cuddly. She’s about 3 months old, about the same age as my Luna-brat. She’s very pretty and dainty; mostly black with white swirls all over her; her right muzzlepuff and the right side of her nose is white, the rest of her face is black.

Obviously she needs a good solid name reflecting her early start in her arrest record, but I’m very tired right now and can’t think. Any ideas?

How about continuing the space theme with stars or constellations:
Cassie (short for Cassiopeia)
Bella (short for Bellatrix)

Or her unsavory background as a cat burglar:
Attica (after the prison)
Charlie (after Charles Peace, the famous cat burglar)
Domino (suits her colour and a James Bond character)

And there better be photos, K?

I’ll put in a vote for one of Girl From Mars’ suggestions: love the name Domino. Would sound great alongside your present cat Luna, Marlitharn.

Oh my god I love naming pets; I have named about 70% of my friends’ pets. My own pets, over many years:

Dr. Sapirstein
Wilma and Betty (a single cat; pomo art student stage)
Gladys and Vera (two cats; they were like a pair of old maids)
The Lovely and Talented Miss Carol Merrill (still with the pomo)
Hector (monstrous big cat, tough guy from the alley, made me think of an LA barrio gangster)
Virgil (bony blond dingoey dog; also from the alley; looked like trash from the hills)
Dennis (dog; the name just made me laugh, to call out to a dog, “Dennis!”)
Elizabeth Jane (after my grandmother)

Oh, so many more, but I’m getting sad reminiscing.
Currently, I have a bird named Bebop and a turtle named Melvin. I have no idea why.

So, for Luna’s bud: howbout more mothy names? Io ? (Pronounce “EYE-oh.”) It’s also an astronomical name, so it works on both counts. Plus it’s fun to say. Plus, you can sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” to him.

S’all I got right now.

Whatever you name the cat, please make sure to get it checked for contagious things, like parvo? You don’t want to bring that into your house, it could be heartbreaking. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take it to the vet’s and have it be quarentined until it passes a health check before you bring it home. Or, ask your vet how to conduct an at home quarentine if possible?

Hmmm, how about Moxie? (If it is an apt description of her personality.) Alice? (The Honeymooners) Bonnie? (Bonnie and Clyde) What about naming her after Rosie the Riveter, a strong woman?

What the hell is this? Free kitty naming service? You want names you better make with the cute pictures.

Or else!

Hmmmm… black, evades police… OJ?

We had a curious kitty and we named her Inspector Cleauseau. And then found out it was a male, which worked out nicely.

Just don’t name him John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

That’s my name.

what zabali said. don’t possibly endanger luna until the new overlord has been fully checked out and declared safe.

nor not.

like it or not, that’s always a possibility.

the dive master and i have both lucked out with a rescued kitten each, but we did take steps at the vet’s office before the little ones could come home.

how about alcatraz. trazz for short.
okay, my bad… :smiley:

How about:

Oh, yes, a trip to the vet is in the offing as soon as I get paid. She looks healthy enough; no fleas or ear mites, no runny nose or eyes, good coat, healthy appetite, really active. I don’t have a spare room in which to confine her, so I’m just going to have to hope for the best as far as her health goes.

She’s obviously used to people. I called and put an ad in the Lost and Found of the local paper, on the off chance that someone’s missing her (tenants aren’t allowed to have pets in the apartments where she was found, so we’re not sure where she’s originally from).

Meanwhile, I could only get her to sit still for one picture. I apologize for the quality; I’m going to try again tomorrow in the daylight.

Unfortunately, there has been no peace in my valley all day. Poor Luna is trying so hard to make friends, and the new kitty just hisses and growls at her. I finally took Luna to bed with me so the new one could explore the house in peace. She’s very comfortable with all us humans, but so far she hates Luna. I hope they can make up soon.

I liked Bella, but my daughter insists her name is Angel. I haven’t seen too much divine behavior out of her today, but I suppose she might settle down and live up to the name. It’ll be something to aspire to, anyway. And wasn’t there a gangster named Angel something?

How about…
Aiko, Pixie, Willow, Wicca, Blackberry, Espresso, Mora, Indigo, Truffles, Pippa, Meeko, Pooka, Firefly, Onyx, Moxie, Mischievous, Miss Chevious, oreo, patches.

You can google cat/kitty names, that’s what I did. :smiley:

http://www.cat-names.us/database.asp might be of use. Select a kittengory (love that!) and a sub-kittengory and start searching names. :slight_smile:

I think she should be called Gelf. She’s very cheeky looking.

What better name for a seductive cat-burglaress than Zeta. Obviously, she will be more entertaining than the movie Entrapment…

It also has cross-promotion with the stellar theme, with the existence of the star Zeta Cassiopeiae

Magpie, Harlequin,Chess, Checkers

Machinegun Monkey.

This was offered to me by a kindly co-worker when I recently got kittens and I oh, so reluctantly decided against it. I now offer it to anyone needing a cat name.

Machinegun Monkey.

You can’t go wrong with a name like that :p.

  • Tamerlane

Are you a Carl Orff fan? Name her Fortuna…

“O Fortuna, velut luna, statu variabilis.”

Moo? Oreo? Tuxie?