Pet pictures!



I have a few pictures of my dogs photobombing my friends and family while they are shitting (my dogs, not my family/friends). It’s intentional photobombing since I frame the pic and no one knows I’m doing it till after the fact. Those photos are prized family keepsakes. At least that is what I tell my wife every time she says we need to get rid of them.

Yes, I’m basically a large child.

There are too many recent pictures for me to comment on all of them, but they’re all beautiful and as I keep saying, it does my heart good to see them.

But just of particular note, @Tibby, your feline namesake was adorable and I’m very sorry for your loss. What a truly beautiful cat.

Also, @JohnT, there is something about Luna that is just so compelling. My heart warms every time you post more pictures. I’m downright jealous. Should you and Luna ever have to part, God forbid, I’m here! Luna would have to acquire Canadian citizenship, but I’m sure she would meet all skill and background-check requirements and would ace the test. Of course, for the first few months she’d have to wear a patriotic red and white kerchief like this:

This popped up on my Facebook feed

12 years ago I was sat down on the floor ticking off box numbers as the movers were packing us up in Kuala Lumpur as we had been transferred to the US.
Mac walked up to me, flopped down and had a nap whilst many strangers were carrying many boxes out the front door.
Taking a nap was his usual response to many things.

Of course. There should be a cartoon talk balloon above Mac’s head: “What? Me worry?” The Dog Philosophy, which centers around the inherently irrepressible optimism of the canine, can summed up by conjoining the titles of two popular songs, both of which I’m sure were written by dogs: “Don’t worry,. be happy. Everything’s gonna be alright”.

It’s what I love about dogs. Why do you think they’re always smiling (when not asleep)? :dog:

Why do I give house space to a wretched, unclean mammal who has designs on my food and covers me in slurp?

Sheer lovability would be my guess. :slight_smile:

because in return, you have access to those ears and can rub that little space between the eyebrows for good luck.

The picture is the answer. Because this is Love Personified, and what you refer to as “slurp” is in fact canine love, and … admit it, you love it! I’m sending major virtual scritches to Pluto, plus wishes for maybe a grilled large filet mignon (done rare)? Come on, he deserves it – look at him!

Because you saw him first.

A belated happy National Black Cat Day (it was the 27th) from my sweet little girl. Sharp as a marble, but she warms my heart every day.

Not my cat, but I feel it belongs here:

Kizzy at Dogoween costume contest.
Second place! Not too shabby.

Kizzy looks like she doesn’t quite understand the reason for all the attention, but she knows she definitely did something good and is a Very Good Dog. Which she is!

Kudos to you for taking her to all the training and other events – you’re a wonderful dog owner bringing joy to your pet!

One of my all-time favorite kitties, Poohbah, who passed away several years ago. He was a Maine Coon and very affectionate:


Last night was Kizzy’s Canine Good Citizen test. Original class was 10 dogs. Three were no shows for the test (they were unlikely to pass). Four of the remaining seven passed, including Kizzy!


A Very Good Girl she is, and adorable too!

Yeah, Kizzy!

Beautiful cat! I’ve had 3 Maine Coons, and currently seeking another to adopt, since our Tibby died. They are a very big and exceptionally affectionate breed.

All of these beautiful cats and dogs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: