On America’s Funniest Home Videos (or some related show) I distinctly remember seeing no fewer than three videos of pet squirrels. Is that legal? If so, where? I’ve heard that one state has a law against buying a squirrel, but I didn’t think it was legal to keep them as pets anywhere.

Well, you also should note that squirrels are rats with bushy tails (well, not really…) but technically they are called ‘rodents’ and so are mice, so if they allow mice as pets, why not squirrels? Just like any other animal, they can be tamed. Maybe not completely, but enough I would imagine.

Maybe, though I had always thought of squirrels exclusively as wild animals. had this to say:

Keep in mind that squirrels can carry rabies and as such, most cities are unwilling to let people keep them as pets. This pretty much goes for any mammal that is a common carrier and does not have an existing vaccine.

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We had a squirrel at one time for a couple of days. I don’t remember exactly why; I have vague recollections that it had been injured in some way and we were planning on feeding it back to health or something.

As the quote above states, squirrels need to chew. They need to chew a lot. This particular squirrel, after malingering for a day or so, decided to satisfy its urge to chew by eating through some fairly heavy hardware cloth and a two-by-four that was part of its improvised cage, and running amuck in the house for several hours while my family tried to either a) recapture it or b) shoo/lure it outside.

My experience with that one doesn’t make me particularly anxious to get another of the bushy-tailed tree rats, legal or not.

New York’s most famous pet squirrel-having guy? Subway Vigilante Bernhard Goetz . Go figure.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

You rang? Even though I have never had a pet squirrel, you can get them. If you must have a pet like that go for a flying squirrel (actually it is closer to a flying rat) or a sugar glider. This was discussed in MPSIMS a while back.


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There are other reasons to have them, as my sig will attest to.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

I used to like squirrels. That is until a (herd, flock, pack, whatever) of them decided to move into my attic and remodel my house. Rotten little bastards chew like beavers. Hard to get rid of, too. Some traps and “special squirrel yummies” finally did the trick.

I hate squirrels.

Even though I have never had a pet squirrel, you can get them.

Where? Pet stores obviously don’t sell them. Catching a wild one is a bad idea (you might get a rabid one).

Well I, for one, have an incredible cute pair of flying squirrels for sale.

For sale, huh, Pip? Why you no keep cute squirrels?

I lost my pet squirrel recently; he’s gray, has a bushy tail, likes acorns, and runs away when approached by people. Has anyone seen him?

I suppose one could say that those who like squirrels can’t be nuts, but I’d never say that.

Ray (Ya seen one in a tree, ya seen 'em all.)

It’s illegal to keep game animals as pets in most states. Most southern states do have squirrel seasons so having them as pets would be illegal. Flying squirrels are not game animals.

Can I keep a pet Sqrl if i start training it as a Cub?



My parents have tamed a wild squirrel somewhat. My dad leaves peanuts out for “Charlie” on the deck. If my dad forgets, Charlie gets in front of the sliding glass door and basically hollers for my dad, who is so amused that he complies.

Two weeks ago, however, there was a squirrel fight. Seems Charlie, or an imposter, came to the door demanding his food, and after my dad left the peanuts outside, a squirrel fight ensued. Fur was flying! Now everytime the squirrel comes for his food, they don’t know if it’s the real Charlie or the evil imposter who killed Charlie in a bloody coup d’etat.

I have 4 60’ pecan trees in my back yard, and a 70’ oak tree. Lots of squirrels. Lousy chattering bastards. Burying pecans and acorns in my yard all fall long. My dogs are worthless. They’re, like, good friends with the squirrels. Squirrels, you know, drop nuts on you if you don’t watch it. Boots, my idiot dog, likes the taste of squirrel spit, so after a squirrel buries a nut, he excavates a crater to get at it. Want a squirrel as a pet? I have a large collection of never-owned squirrels for you to choose from.

Take responsibility for your actions, but only after begin shamefully drug out from under the bed.

-Advice from my dog

DrMatrix, you can keep this squirrel as long as you promise to bury nuts in the backyard with me. :wink: hahah cheap sexual innuendo.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

Sqrl, stop that gambling immediately!! And whose pants are those; they look way too long for you… :wink: