Peta : cows are

Has anybody seen this commercial? The cows singing about keeping our hands off their sweet rears and not turning them in to leather?

All I have is one question? What in the fuck are these Peta nut-jobs smoking?

My theory, as a more moderate animal rights activist, is that PETA exists to make me look normal in comparsion in the eyes of people who would otherwise call me the freak.

And while their ads may indeed be painful, fruity or downright surreal, they have nothing on the National Dairy Council.

What was that one with the giant talking milk carton harrassing kids playing basketball? Oooh. Kaaaaaay.

I kept hoping somebody would shoot it and we would see milk pouring out.


Yes, PETAns are nutty. (There are moderate animal rights activists? Ones who don’t dress up like chickens and relabel the poultry? No wonder no one ever heard of them.)

I completely agree, you should never put a giant, pus-filled milk carton on stage unless somebody is going to shoot it full of holes.

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