Pete Rose in HOF in his lifetime?

Will Pete Rose be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his lifetime?

I’m more interested in what others think.

I can’t see any future commisioner changing his stance on baseball and gambling, so maybe the only way would be if Rose admitted some wrongdoing and showed some remorse but then I imagine it’s kind of late and unlikely for that to happen.

I seriously doubt it. If for no other reason than spite.

If racist pigs like Ty Cobb and Cap Anson can be in the HOF, then why should gambling keep Pete Rose out?

It’s very simple. If Rose would admit that yes, he did in fact bet on baseball, and acknowledge that it was the wrong and stupid thing to do, and apologize, Bud Selig has said that he would restore Pete Rose to consideration for the Hall.

But Rose is too full of himself to ever do that. His problem is that he thought that he was bigger then the game, and he wasn’t. In every major league clubhouse there is a sign which clearly states that betting is illegal and it gives an idea of what the penalties are and the sign was up when Rose was playing so he can’t say that he didn’t know about it.

because being a racist and a jerk aren’t against the rules of baseball. Gambling on baseball is. It’s in every contract and posted in the clubhouse.

Pete signed an agreement saying that baseball had credible evidence to suspend him for life. End of story.

Betting on baseball warrants a one year suspension. Betting on your own team warrants a lifetime ban. Pete copped a plea for the maximum punishment. If he didn’t do it, then why did he sign the agreement?

Pete’s said he made mistakes but hasn’t said what he did. He says he never bet on baseball. Well if that’s true, then again-why sign the agreement? It’s like plea bargaining for the maximum penalty.

Pete’s mantra has always been “I didnt’ do anything wrong and I promise to not do it again”

All he has to do is apologize and fess up and he’d get back in to baseball.

anything’s possible, but i really hope he doesnt.

If if fesses up, yeah.

But I don’t see him doing it. One of the reasons he’s so full of himself is the unwavering loyalty of the people of Cincinnati… Selig earned our undying hatred with his decision not to delay the 99 wildcard playoff, so we tend not to have much respect for the Commissioner’s office (being 7-0 on the Brewers this year doesn’t hurt.) As long as his fans are behind him, he won’t give it up.

Anyway, in his lifetime? No.

They didn’t call him Charlie Hustle because he gave up easy. Answer - Probably not, but I think it is as much baseball’s loss as it is Pete’s. If not then why worry about how one man feels he was cheated? :confused:

Sad to say, but Pete will be many years in the cold, cold ground before he is inducted in the Hall.

Not really.

Anyhoo, the lifetime ban does nothing to keep him out of the Hall. They can induct him today, if they were so inclined. But they are not so inclined. Bastards!!!

First things first.

Joe Jackson.

Gil Hodges.

Then Pete Rose.

No. Not Pete Rose. Never Pete Rose. I don’t much care if he immolates himself to apologize for his actions. I don’t care if he comes forward and says:

“Yes, Mr. Commissioner, sir. I’ve been a lying, cheating, piece of shit who refused to acknowledge my own wrongdoing for decades, but I’ve seen the light. I am no longer that shameless self-promoter. I am truly sorry.”

Screw you. Don’t kid yourself, Pete Rose bet on baseball. Most of the evidence shows he bet on his own team. I can’t imagine one single player doing more to ruin the credibility of baseball.

Of course, baseball lost me as a huge fan almost 5 years ago, so what do I know.

spooje, as I recall the HoF rules now state that anyone on the ineligible list isn’t to be considered for induction. So the ban does indeed keep him out of the hall.

And, IMHO, no, his actions damaged the integrity of the game and he’s unrepentant. Keep him out. Hell, I’d execute the dumbass if I thought it would bring rationality to baseball.

ok, so maybe not evidence per se, but a factual basis nontheless. Either way, he accepted the agreement.

He has to fess up before anything happens. He hasn’t done that. Going to jail for tax evasion is not paying your price for these crimes against baseball. He tries to blend the two issues together.

My feeling is this: he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for what he accomplished as a player. But he has proven through his gambling that he can NEVER be trusted to work in major league baseball again.

So, if I were commissioner, I’d be happy to offer Rose this deal: "We’ll put a plaque on the wall at Cooperstown, complete with your name, your stats, your records, your championships… AND your history of gambling. If people want to visit Cooperstown and ooh or ahh over that plaque, good for them.

But there is NO way you’ll ever be a coach, manager, or baseball executive again. You can’t be trusted, and there is NO place for you in baseball, now or ever again."

From what I’ve heard, Pete HAS been offered a deal a lot like that, but he’s refused it. That makes him an arrogant idiot. Worse, he’s surrounded by so many sycophantic fans and writers, he’s convinced that he’ll come out on top if he just hangs tough.

Incidentally, to all who insist that there isn’t any real evidence Rose bet on baseball, ask yourselves this: IF Rose had a case, if he had even a leg to stand on, do you really think he couldn’t have gotten a high-powered, high-profile lawyer to take his case for free, sue the pants of major league baseball, and WIN?

Rose hasn’t done that. To me, that speaks volumes. I think it proves that he KNOWS how damning the evidence is, and he KNOWS he can’t win in a real court of law. He can only hope to win in the court of public opinion.

And sadly, it appears he IS winning in the court of public opinion. Luckily, in this case, baseball isn’t a democracy.

that’s what I always say. If he didn’t do it, then why agree to the ban? He plea bargained to the maximum punishment. That has to mean something.

astorian, a similar plan has been suggested by Bob Costas, who loves the game of baseball with all his heart. Costas’ idea was to put Pete in the hall, and at the bottom of his plaque in 2-inch letters it would read “Banned for life for gambling.”

Now, I am a baseball fan who doesn’t want to see Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame (more on this below), but I think Costas’ idea has merit, and he is such an intelligent, well-informed, reasonable guy, he could sway me.

Now, back to lifetime bans for gambling. Yes, Joe Jackson took money to throw the series, along with 7 of his teammates. At the time, gambling was a huge part of baseball. Gamblers actually rode the trains with the teams from city to city, like reporters. But no-one had ever been proved to throw a World Series before.

Joe Jackson may not have understood what he was agreeing to, and he sure as hell didn’t know what he was signing when he signed his “confession” later, because he was illiterate. It has been pretty well established that he played a hell of a series as well.

When Kennesaw Mountain Landis became commissioner, he banned the 8 players for life, even though they had been found not guilty in a criminal proceeding, because he knew they did it! The lifetime ban was meant to insure that there would never be any question about the propriety of gambling on the game. In fact, the ban extends to not only betting on baseball, but also to consorting with those who do.

There is a current movement headed by Ted Williams to reinstate Joe Jackson and induct him. I think they should, as a lifetime ban would seem to end with the player’s death.

Now, back to Pete Rose. For the last 90 years or so, everyone who is even vaguely familiar with baseball knows about the ban on betting. My grandpa knew it, my dad knew it, I know it, and you can be damn sure Pete Rose knew it. Now, if Pete were to come correct and take responsibility for his actions, Bud Selig MIGHT reconsider, but it’s my guess he wouldn’t lift the ban. That would be for the next commissioner to decide.

Yes, there are some pretty unsavory characters in the Baseball Hall of Fame- racists, alcoholics, drug addicts, thugs, even murderers (allegedly). Baseball is pretty lenient when it comes to personal behavior. You can lie, cheat, steal, drink, drug, beat your wife, whatever- the ONLY thing you can’t do is bet on the game, or associate with those who do.

Did Pete hurt the game? Probably, at least in the mind of the paying public. Could he have destroyed the game? Absolutely. If he is betting on his own team to win, that’s one thing. But on the days that he doesn’t bet on his own team to win, it’s like betting on them to lose. When I’m not at work I’ll try to explain it at greater length.

I do not believe that Pete Rose is a sick man, like a gambling addict. Or at least if he is, he is not in any kind of recovery program for his problem, because a huge part of recovery is taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Pete Rose will never clean up his side of the street, because he has convinced himself he has done nothing wrong. I have read quite a bit that suggests he is dead wrong.

I am a huge baseball fan. Maybe that’s why the guy pisses me off so badly.