Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks dead at 63.


Suspected cause is heart attack.

I just saw this news. :frowning:

Pete Shelley was the best lyricist of the original punk era - funny, painful, sly, knowing, ambiguous - and Buzzcocks were the band that had the finest pop sensibilities. A sad loss. RIP homosapien.

Sad news. The Buzzcocks were one of the finest punk bands ever and knew how to write a pop song just the same. No wonder their best album (and one of the best punk albums in general) is a singles compilation, Singles Going Steady.

RIP Mr. Shelley; you were consistently brilliant.

Goddamn. I last saw them a couple of years ago, and Pete still had the fire and energy. Rest in peace, Mr Shelley, I’ll play Harmony In My Head and Fast Cars loudly tonight in your honour.

He was great, they were great, I am sad.

I really like this performance on Old Grey Whistle Test from almost exactly 40 years ago (Nov 14, 1978). In particular his singing directly into the camera around the 4:50 mark.

RIP. He was one of the greats.

Sad news indeed. What Do I Get? was part of the soundtrack to my teenage angst.

Funnily enough, I only discovered them after learning The Fine Young Cannibals version of Ever Fallen in Love… was a cover. Which is odd because I was already a huge Magazine fan (I know Devoto was only in Buzzcocks for 1 album). Less easy to make those connections before Wikipedia…

“Shot By Both Sides” had the exact same riff as “Lipstick”: it’s basically the same song.

Heard Homosapien on radio today and thought, wow been a long time since I heard this, then I see the news.

The track I don’t see mentioned here is “Why can’t I Touch It”. Has to be the most philisophical pop /punk song ever. Sone things will always be out of reach.

RIP Pete.

I have Why Can’t I Touch It on heavy rotation in the garage, the house, the Jeep and the MP3.

It never gets old.

I was not able to fit his obituary into the newspaper that I work for on the day it came across the wire. Even though I don’t think I would ultimately have won the battle, I would nonetheless have relished the opportunity to at least attempt to sneak a headline like “Singer belted ‘Orgasm Addict’” – which would have stacked really well, by the way, in the single column that I had available on the obits page – past the editor. Ah, well.