Peter and the Wolf

Just watched this on PBS

Great Performances

Awesome animation. I really enjoyed it.

It may be coming on in your area now if your west coast or CST so check it out.

I caught this by accident and really enjoyed it. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if PBS runs it again so I can watch it from the beginning.

It’s available on iTunes under “Short Films”, last I looked.

I haven’t watched it yet though.

This film won an Academy Award recently (Best Short Film, Animated). I’m delighted that it’s on PBS so soon.

I saw “Peter and the Wolf” right before the Academy Awards – a Landmark theater here in Denver showed all of the nominated short films – and was mightily impressed with it. I was definitely rooting for it on Oscar night (although I wouldn’t have been disappointed if a couple of the others had won). The animation was incredible, and, having forgotten the storyline because it’d been so long since I’d seen a version, I was really, really surprised and affected by

the duck’s demise. Then, I vaguely recalled having seen or read a version in which the duck comes out of the wolf … 'twas not to be in this version, though. I loved that little helpless duck.

I had a chance to speak to director Suzie Templeton and told her I was really impressed with the depth of field shots used throughout the film and she said that the scale of the main set (with the lake, trees, fence, etc.) was 1:5, which meant that it filled up a rather large warehouse space (very unusual to have something that scale for a stop-motion film).

It was also my favorite of the 5 (though I’ll admit to being a huge Prokofiev fan as well) and was very glad it won. This is also the 4th film in the last 10 years to win in this category without having a single line of dialogue.

Great Performances followed it with a “Making of” documentary and you could see the warehouse.

Suzie Templeton was interviewed at her laptop with a gin and tonic at its side. Two limes. I don’t know if she leaves the old limes to keep count or just likes lime, but I’m in favor of attractive women who are slightly lubricated.

Same here! I was equally affected by the crippled bird and his balloon…loved that!

There’s a “Prog Rock All-Star” version that has a pretty eclectic cast of players:

  • Narrator / Vivian Stnshall
  • Peter / Manfred Mann
  • Bird / Gary Brooker
  • Duck / Chris Spedding
  • Duck / Gary Moore
  • Cat / Stephane Grappelli
  • Wolf / Brian Eno
  • Pond / Keith Tippett
  • Grandfather / Jack Lancaster
  • Hunters / Jon Hiseman, Bill Bruford, Cozy Powell, Phil Collins

Prog Rock Archives review of Peter and The Wolf