Peter Parker: Photographer

If, as the song says, “He’s got radioactive blood,” then how come his film doesn’t get ruined? :confused: Doesn’t radiation expose (develop?) film? What kind of radiation was he stricken with, anyway? Anybody know?

Good catch, I assume the rad levels in his blood are quite low (though they were high enough for the Radioactive Man to feel). But it could affect film stock, not sure about digital cameras.
Come to think of it, Parker in his early days seemed to focus exclusively on using a 50 mm camera. If you look at the distance where he positions his camera before jumping into battle and the pictures and framing he seems to get away with, you’ll realize it is BS, most of his pictures would tend to be large shots whereas the pics he sells to Jonah are usually medium shots…

He’d best avoid bleeding on his film, then.

Despite the line in the song, there’s nothing necessarily radioactive about Spidy’s blood. He was bit by an irradiated spider which one would guess infused Parker with mutated spider DNA.

It’s comic book radiation.

I can’t help but wonder if he takes artistic photographs of MJ.

The famous Elephant’s foot, a Corium deposit in Chernobyl, gives out ten thousand roentgen per hour and they managed to take a photo of it just fine. I doubt Parker’s low level radiation has any effect on film.
Video of the Elephant’s foot:

Ignoring Brand New Day, I think it’s canon that he does. I also remember him taking pictures of hot chicks on the street in one storyline or another, reasoning that either he’d be able to sell them to Jonah or have a nice decoration for his darkroom.

Spider-Man, sexual harasser. :slight_smile:

See, this is why Jonas things Spiderman is a bad guy. Some cabbie beats the shit out of Peter Parker for taking pictures of his wife on the street, and Spidey goes by that night and lets the air out of the cab’s tires.

You know, that’s not far wrong, as many appearances have it that Jonah actually likes Parker, but simply won’t admit it. It’s Spidey he can’t stand.

I don’t think he does have radioactive blood. He was bitten by a radioactively altered spider, transformed, then was not further affected.


Well, you know…Rule 34.

“No wearing the Superhero Costume to bed”? :confused:

So how and why does JJ keep paying Parker simply to take pictures of spiderman flipping around? He doesn’t actually DO anything…just action shots of nothing in particular.

JJ lays awake at night praying for a pic of Spidey robbing a bank or molesting a little old lady.

Curious that although Peter Parker shows considerable ability, drive and ambition in his scientific studies in grad school, he never seems to have any particular ambition to make his mark in photography, or to become a great photographer in any journalistic or artistic or even commercial sense, or to win any awards. It’s just a frikkin’ day job.

He did a coffeetable book once. Webs.

Sometimes the lyrics just have to rhyme, without, ya know, being true.

:confused: Fa-la-la-la-la, sir!

I’m not sure exactly what issue they first showed Peter (or Spider-Man) doing something scientific but I always had the impression in the old Spider-Man comics that being a scientist was his dream and being a photographer was his job.