"Petrichor" article picked up today

The Master and his acolytes’ article on petrichor was picked up at ace.mu.nu today. Congrats.

Naturally his disciples were right there for a long time propitiating him–a search on the word in GQ reveals ample evidence.


I’m not finding it at the website you provided.

Scroll down the page at http://ace.mu.nu/archives/324142.php . They quote part of the article, and have a link back to The Straight Dope if you want to read the full article.

Ah, there it is, right under the Amazon thingy.

Interesting. I wonder if that’s why the page hits jumped suddenly on that column.

What was Cecil’s most read column, based on hits?

That’s very difficult to say, and there are complicating factors (switching web servers, age of the column, etc.) In the past we relied on webserver hits; of late we’ve been attempting to judge success by the number of “likes” and “shares” as well. Among recent columns, the bacon versus cigarettes one far outweighs many, although cubical planets was surprisingly successful as well.

I’ve been told a couple of times in the past that zombies v. power plants is the most successful Staff Report. I was told back in 2005 it had tens of millions of page hits, and even 7 years later it’s still managed to keep getting a lot of hits, likes, and shares.

I realize there is a huge amount of error in relying on likes and shares, but then there’s also error in just relying on page hits too.