Pets of the unusual variety...

I just recently saw a show (on Animal PLanet network, I think) about a ‘new’ breed of cat, called a Pixie-Bob. It’s a mix between domesticated barn cats and bob-cats. Bred for domestic temprament and size, with bob-cat physical features (short tail, tufted ears, strong rear legs, etc.)

Of course… I want one :slight_smile:

I have also gotten it into my head that I want a pet crow… but how on earth would one go about getting a crow?

Mom always said there’d be days like this…she just never said there’d be so MANY of them!!!

Pet crow ?
Live animal trap with something crow-licious in it.

LOL… No, I want a baby crow, so I can hand raise it. :slight_smile:

Mom always said there’d be days like this…she just never said there’d be so MANY of them!!!

Just lay down in the middle of the road and make a noise like a dead possum.

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

For some reason, I’ve always wanted a feret.

Whenever I see an animal, I want a pet one. It doesn’t matter how impractical. If I see a family of hippos one TV, I want the little one to be my pet.

Of course, my baby hippo would be very light in weight, easily housebroken, and have the personality of a cat. It would lie around the house like a beanbag.

So I suppose you’ve noticed that my “pet plans” are not limited by reality or any of that stuff. Among the slightly more practical pets I’ve wanted at one time or another:
African hedgehog
Vietnamese dwarf pig
Serval cat
Bengal cat

Those are all only semi-pracitcal choices, though. Ferrets are smelly, pigs root under the rugs, Serval cats have calcium deficiencies and everyone thinks Bengal cats are an abomination. My real pet plans are just a couple of housecats. Siblings. Preferably adopted right after weaning. So I could shape their personalities into viscious guard cats. Just kidding.

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I have also gotten it into my head that I want a pet crow… but how on earth would one go about getting a crow?


I would suggest going to where the crows are. When I was growing up in SoCal, there were still lots of orange groves among the housing tracts, and huge flocks of crows nested therein. As the orange groves were also a great place for kids to go exploring, we often found small birds that had fallen or been kicked out of the nest. My brother hand raised one, and it lived in our garage for several months, until a neighborhood cat got it…


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Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

Crows in California? I’m almost sure there aren’t any, and we only have ravens,(though they are all corvidae). The difference being that California ravens are immense, often over a foot from head to tail, and crows are medium-sized birds, about the size of a scrub jay.

Of course, I may be talking nonsense, in which case forget I ever said any of this.

Catrandom, whose fantasy pet is a nice medium-sized exotic cat – say a serval or a bobcat.

If you want a pet crow, have a look at a Mynah bird. They’re readily available from pet stores, look very much like crows, and can talk like crazy.

I always wanted a pet raccoon. But now that I own a house, all I can think of is the damage the little bugger’d do.

Well White you got your work cut out for you if you get a ferret.
First off you need to de-scent them because they give off a musk that is like cat piss on steroids. Second off, you need to get one as a youngster because they seem to be slightly temperatmental and can bite pretty hard (needle sharp teeth.) Though they are really sweet and can be great pets.

I tell you one of the best ones you can ever get is called a bush baby. Though expensive (about 5000) these cute lil critters are absolutely the best little exotic you may have. Unfortunatly, they tend to be nocturnal and vocal but during the day they are like a little koala with orange eyes. Really sweet natured and love to stay close to a warm body
Oh and guys…THESE THINGS ARE ABSOLUTE CHICK MAGNETS. You think puppies get the babes? I saw a guy walking with ones of these things in his arm and he was surrounded by women who left him with a handful of numbers in seconds. I even asked him for a test run and he let me walk down the block with it. 5 numbers in 5 stops by beautiful women. Got to like those odds

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I’ve had ferrets… GREAT pets!! Check the laws where you live though… they ARE illegal in some places (including CA).

Most breeders can recommend a ferret-friendly vet for the de-scenting/neutering. Keep in mind that unless you plan to breed them, females MUST BE SPAYED. The hormones they produce when in heat can kill them if not bred (IIRC).

As to the crow search: There is an area not far from here (in CT) that the crows LOVE… every afternoon they congregate there. I guess I need to keep an eye on their movements over the next few months. Spring would be the time to start looking…right? Or do crows do things differently?

Mom always said there’d be days like this…she just never said there’d be so MANY of them!!!

My two cats can’t get any more unusual than they already are.

Had a pheasent once.

My girlfriend has a pet rat. They are very adorable. Like hamsters, but they actually do something. You can play with them, let them sit on your shoulder, etc, and they only very rarely leave those “accidents” other pet rodents are prone to.

She’s getting another one next weekend.

I used to babysit for a girl who had a wildlife caretaker for a mother.

The mynah bird they possessed would act as not only a dead ringer for the doorbell, but would greet you with, “Good morning, ugly!” as you walked into the kitchen.

The crow hatchling, that had been injured and only had the use of one wing, would try to imitate the mynah bird, and it managed a semi-believable imitation of the doorbell, but usually just screeched for its bits of meat gruel (it wasn’t full grown, but could toddle about the porch).

I love crows, but I could never care for a real one… I much prefer the crows that plunder my porch-givings of leftovers. :slight_smile:

  1. Just like in “It’s A Wondeful Life,” Andrea? Neat – crows are cool.

  2. Yes, there are crows as well as ravens in California, and the crows are considerably bigger than scrub jays (perhaps you are thinking of grackles or Brewer’s blackbirds).

  3. “Just lay down in the middle of the road and make a noise like a dead possum.”

The road was his end, his end was that road, so they say.

In case you were wondering what a bush baby looked like, here’s a picture.

A few years ago, I saw prairie dogs for sale in a local pet shop. Anyone else know anything about pet prairie dogs?

Yeah I know that they shouldn’t be pets! Neither should bushbabies.

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Well, if my wife ever dies (I don’t want her to) I’ll be able to offer to whoever wants them:

Leopard Geckoes 0-2-0
Kenyan Sand Boa 0-1-0
Ball Python 1-0-0
Green Iguana 0-1-0 (but she has a bad disposition)
African Giant Millipedes 0-0-2
White’s Tree Frogs 0-0-2
North American Anoles 0-0-2 (if I can find them: a cat crushed in their cage top and they are either in the house or in the cat)
European Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross Horse
and a generous supply of breeder/feeder mice, crickets, and mealworms.

(as of this coming February, I would probably have a few Nigerian Pygmy Goats, as well)

(The Boxer, the orange Manx Tabby, the Calico, and the grey Tabby I would probably keep–although I might take bids for the Calico)

We had a Dragon, as well, but he died of an internal infection last April.


African Giant Millipedes?! I am so terrified just thinking of the concept.

After a couple years of searching, I finally found a place (on the net, of course) where I can get jellyfish. This, to me, is going to be the ultimate zone-out-stare-at-until-your-hyper-relaxed-pet… a floating Lave Lamp.

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