Petty and odd judgements of other people.

Does anybody else have this wierd quirk around sunflower seeds?

I love the things and go through bags a week. But always shell on. There is a tradition involved in the sunflower seed of throwing a handfull in the mouth, cracking one open and eating the seed, the spitting the shell on the ground/garbage can. Everybody should have learned this sitting on the porch with grampa or dad, or around the campfire or somewhere. Hell even if you learn from watching baseball dugouts, it’s simply the way things are done. And whenever I get to the botton of the bag where the friction-shelled seed are exposed I always match them with a properly opened shell before chewing.

It has always seemed vaguely, but clearly, immoral to buy shelled sunflower seeds, and eat them by the handfull. They are missing the tradition and ritual tied to the sunflower seed culture, and taking advantage of the glory and bounty of the sunflower seed. They are to lazy too do it the right way, and and obviously at the forefront of the instant-gratification-take-no-pride-in-doing-it-right corruption of American values, leading us down the path to destruction.

Whenever I see the pre-shelled-seed degenerates I lose respect for them, and get a sence that they are not to be trusted.

Shelled-Pistacios are the same way, but not quite as strongly indicative of the true worth of thier character. Peanuts are a lost cause I guess, so It doesn’t hit me much anymore, but I still gain respect for people who do it the right way and earn their peanutty goodness with a deft pop of the thumb.

I feel that unless you can kill, clean, and dress your own meat you are somehow less of a person, vegetarians excepted. That said I ranch cattle and would have a very hard time eating one of the cows that I have raised for exactly that purpose(for someone to eat.) I can, and have, buchered my own meat, just not MY cows. :frowning:

I’ve always felt that someone who’s not able to do at least two or three different minor surgical procedures on themselves in a pinch really isn’t fully human.


I bought a bag of unshelled and began eating them shells and all. I kind of like the crunch, but MAN were they salty.

Then I heard you were supposed to crack 'em open. I did. The nutmeat was so teeny I said, “What’s the point?” Now I buy them shelled.

I often find myself making judgements on people based on if they own pets or not . Not that I automatically like everyone that DOES own a critter or two , but am a step closer to it . :smiley: Unless they have a good reason for not owning one like living in an apartment or some such , I am cautious about trusting non-owners . And the bad thing is my first impression is usually right .


Immoral? I sometimes buy sunflower seeds that are hulled, and eat them by the handful. I have, to my utter annoyance, a very delicate roof of the mouth and tongue. Unshelled seeds tear up my tongue and the roof of my mouth very quickly.

So do things like dried fruit and even breakfast cereal. I once had a dental hygenist insist that I had a pizza burn, when it really honest to God was scrapes on the roof of my mouth from eating Cheerios.

Walnuts, even shelled, tear up my whole entire mouth unless they are baked into something and only in small amounts. To the point where I have tiny red tears all over my tongue, gums, inside of my cheeks and roof of the mouth. Also, most sunflower seeds in the shell are WAY too heavily salted.

I prefer raw, not roasted and salted nuts. But then, I’m not a big fan of nuts anyway. I like pecans, raw unroasted and unsalted and hazel nuts, wtih the occasional sunflower seed. That’s about it.

Honest, not everyone who doesn’t eat nuts in their “pure” form is immoral.

AMEN on that one. There is just “something” about fellow animal lovers. I always see if a man has a pet before I’ll date him. My instincts so far have been right on the money, ones that don’t like pets are a no go.

I suppose that just shows that some people are “animal people” and others aren’t. I tend to make judgements in the opposite way, treating those with pets (especially dogs) with caution until I’m sure that they’re not obsessed with their pets. Of course, most aren’t. But a surprising number are.