IMHO People who eat one sunflower seed at a time are little sissy boys.

Your thoughts?

People who gobble mouthfuls of sunflower seeds and blow their spitty trash all over the ground are pigs.

And, no, I don’t care if they are biodegradable. So are great steaming lumps of poo, but I don’t want put my foot in those at the ballpark either.


The OP is one nutty theory.

I thought they were just being squirrelly.

How are we meant to eat them, Chris? I need to know, so that nobody realises I have a small penis.

Put a handful in your mouth and store them in your cheek like a little woodland creature.

Oh, great. So people will think I’m a cute little animal. How is that better than being a sissy boy?

What are we actually talking about here anyway? Where I live, sunflower seeds are available raw with their shells on (petfood, mostly), just the kernels raw, or kernels roasted and salted as part of a mix with other seeds such as pumpkin and flax.

What kind are you describing (I realise it may be none of the above), and how do you eat them (what do you do after you stuff a handfull in your hamster-like cheek?)

You shouldn’t eat them one at a time unless you are wearing white gloves and have a napkin to dob the corners of your lips after each one. The shells should be dropped into some type of decorative accessory.

However, I can see the problems with mass piles of sunflower seed carnage laying around. The solution is to load up your jaw like a real man and then delicately pull them out one at a time with your tongue, shell cleanly between your teeth, swallow the sunflower and causally eject the shell all in fluid motions. Repeat. Ladies love to watch this method and it is both graceful and manly.

Graceful and manly are generally mutually exclusive.

There are exceptions but I don’t think eating sunflower seeds is one of them.

Any description of a manly endevour that requires the man to “load up” then “delicately” pull anything out with their tongue, then “swallowing”, followed by “ejecting in fluid motions” is manly all right, but manly in a different sort of way. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take no notice of seed eaters.

I eat a bowl of nails for breakfast a handful at a time.

Yes, they are little sissy boys. Eat 'em by the handful or not at all. With or without the shells on. Be a man, for crying out loud!


Men, let’s be careful out there.

I think the theory is that having a cheek full of shells and spitting out of the corner of your mouth makes you look as if you’re chewin’ tobacco, just like a “real” man.

Former little sissy boy here (current big sissy man). I only eat sunflower seeds in quiche. Wanna take it outside?

I agree. And never trust adult men that don’t drink beer or eat beef jerky. There is something wrong there…

Spit out the shells???

What kind of worthless puss would do that??? Load up a chaw & swallow’em whole like a Real Man®.

I’m a little sissy boy and eat them shell and all.

I buy them already shelled.

But, I’m a girl, so I am allowed to be a sissy. :smiley:

You. Me. Outside the fern bar. After school. Be there.