Pez Heads

Is there any living person that has had their head on a Pez candy dispenser?

According to a list I found here, Mark Hammill and Carrie Fisher could be included as part of the Star Wars set.

Well, in all honesty, I’d have to think it would be tough to get a living head on a Pez dispenser.

Cause once you separate the head from the rest of the body, all hell breaks loose. Then again, if they could save Hitler’s brain [as in the legendary They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1963)], I guess they could also put it or any other living person’s head on a Pez dispenser. Biologically, though, it sure seems like a bear to do.


I could have sworn there was a Richard Nixon Pez dispenser, but I can’t find it in any of the lists I found. Perhaps it was a knock-off and not an official Pez product.

I don’t believe any living person can be featured on a postage stamp or a pez dispenser. On an early MTV game show, Remote Control (imagine being nostalgic for early MTV), the host’s love for Bob Eubanks, the host of The Newlywed Game, was immortalized by a man-sized pez dispenser with a plastic version of Bob’s head as part of the stage set. Not only was this person still alive, but he actually appeared on the show as a guest host. Colin Quinn was the announcer. Kari Wuhrer was on briefly as bimbo, succeeding Marisol who though cooler than death itself didn’t look good enough in a bikini. Adam Sandler dropped in periodically, pretending to be a juvenile delinquent.

However, the pez dispenser in question was never seen dispensing enormous pez, so I don’t think this counts.

I thought that was the decoy ending to Hannibal for folks who hadn’t read the book.