Phil Austin Has Passed Away

Philip Proctor is reporting on his Facebook page that Phil Austin, fellow member of the Firesign Theatre, has succumbed to various forms of cancer and has passed away.

RIP, Regnad Kcin. :frowning:

Oh, no! What a shock. He was the youngest of the four, too, wasn’t he?

Oh shit. Firesign Theatre got me, and all my friends, through college. We had a listening party when each of the classics came out.

It is a great sadness to me. Peter Bergman died in 2012, and now this. I, too, listened to it in college with my friends, but got some of the jokes only much, much later.

If only he’d won at Beat The Reaper.

But are we still all bozos on this bus?

(This is Yet Another Thread that makes me feel real old.)

I was there and saw this. Much fun. And though some people were there partly because he was from Firesign Theatre they also were respectful of his current work so he wasn’t being reminded of it every ten seconds.

My college roommate and I listened to Firesign Theatre over and over, pulling apart every line for hidden meanings, which we always there. I remember once we looked up and shouted simultaneously, “God was my co-pilot!”

Brilliant work from a brilliant group.

Must’ve been when your little red needle was pointing to “E.”

That was one of my Mom’s favorite lines (RIP Mom). Did they also say “When you put on the nose, it grows”?

They were masters of comedy; you could listen to them over and over again to find there were jokes you missed until the 20th time. They were quoted as much as Monty Python is today – maybe more.

I was once at a party and put on Don’t Crush that Dwarf…. Conversation slowly stopped as people who had never heard of them before got drawn in.

I first heard them after I bought How Can You Be etc. I just thought the All Hail Marx and Lennon album cover was great. Little did I know what was on the album. I used to be able to do a fair “Ralph Spoilsport” imitation.


Just a student like me?

Rip, Phil…

For any Firesign lovers who haven’t heard it, Austin’s 1974 solo album Roller Maidens from Outer Space is just as deep, weird, and hilarious as the best of Firesign. (And the whole group appears on it.)

Catherwood, roll a couple of bummers and leave them on the side table. :frowning:

Shouldn’t it be regnaD kciN? :wink:

Used to be a Doper with the handle regnad kcin, but he hasn’t posted here since 2004.

C’mon, Jesus, show yourself!