Phil Hartman Appreciation

There are quite a number of Phil Hartman fans on the board. Whether you love him from SNL, The Simpsons or Newsradio, Phil had a huge impact on comedy. Why don’t we share our favorite Phil moments?


  • I loved his Frank Sinatra impression. The best skit was with Billy Idol, 2 Live Cru and Sinead O’Connor.

-Frankenstein, Tonto, and Tarzan was exceptional. The best one was when Phil lost it live on TV. In Live from New York, Phil’s reasons for cracking up make the whole skit funnier. #1 It hit him how funny it looked to have Frankenstein, Tonto and Tarzan on a talk show. #2 It hit him how funny it must have looked to see Frankenstein laugh.

  • Anal retentive chef makes me feel better about my own neuroses.

  • His voiceover for Happy Fun Ball


  • The smoking episode: screaming at Matthew while going cold-turkey and the way he says “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”

  • The cane episode: his cane-fueled directions to the graphics department and the cavalcade of canes at the end.

  • Malt Fuel Liquor damn! That episode has entered my personal vocabulary. It’s crizappy!

  • "Tell me Dave about these new fangled com-poo-ters.

  • “The eyes are the windows to the skull”

After seven years, he’s missed.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your “scientists.” Your world frightens and confuses me! Sometimes when I get on a “message board”, I wonder: “Did little demons get inside and type it?” I don’t know! My primitive mind can’t grasp these concepts. But there is one thing I do know - when a man like Phil Hartman passes away, it is a tragic loss to humor and mankind.

“I’m Bill McNeal on crack. I like boys.”

Now this is something the other tour guides won’t tell you. In this particular cell-block, Machine Gun Kelly had what we call in the prison system, a “bitch”. And one night in a jealous rage Kelly took a make-shift knife or “shiv”, and cut out the bitch’s eyes. And as if this wasn’t enough retribution for Kelly, the next day he and four other inmates took turns pissing into the bitch’s ocular cavities. (short pause) This way to the cafeteria!

Was that the one were he said “I got CHUNKS of guys like you in my STOOL!” That was classic.

Phil Hartman was awesome. His character on Newsradio is my favorite. I love the smoking one where he puts on the belt of nicotine patches. And the one where they are getting rid of the vending machine and he eats all of those crunchy sandwiches that have been in there for years.

His Simpsons characters all sounded alike, but damn it, we didn’t care. :frowning:

I think his Bill Clinton impression is really underrated.

That is my favorite line in the history of SNL. No kidding.

Sometimes I forget he’s dead. :frowning: I’m so glad the Newsradio DVD came out.

The Anal Retentive Chef skits on SNL are so ridiculous that you think there can’t be anyone on this earth like that…and then you meet my husband. I call him that all the time.

Hartmann did two of the best guest shots ever: The Simpson’s monorail salesman Lyle Lanby and Third Rock’s gay salesman Philip.

I miss him.


“Soylent Green is STILL PEOPLE!”

“Made from the best stuff on earth. People!”

And the Simpsons episode with the musical version of Planet of the Apes. “ooh, help me Dr. Zaius!”


One of the best SNL episodes had Jason Preistly as a host. It had great skits with New Kids on the Block after they fired their entire staff to prove themselves. It also had The Dating Game and Phil Hartman played Susan, one of the choices. I still think of the line, “My name is Susan, and I just got out of prison” with that foreign accent. Hilarious.

I actually cried when I heard he was murdered.

The first (and so far only) celebrity death to actually make me sad.

-Joe, sad

Same here. I was genuinely sad to hear of his passing. I still miss him.

That’s just it - I remember that scene vividly, but I’m damned if I can remember what movie it was in. That’s the mark of a great actor - one cameo is the only memorable thing in an entire movie.

So I Married An Axe Murderer

I loved Bill McNeal’s horrifying family stories which always ended with “Good times” That is my family’s catch-phrase now. The best one is where he recalls an exchange between his mother and father:
“My goodness George, is there anything that you won’t drink”
“I won’t drink poison. WHICH I"M SAVING FOR YOU!”
“Good times…”

“Sinbad O’Connor!”

My favorite Clinton skit was the one in which Phil Hartman as Clinton goes into a McDonald’s, surrounded by an entourage of Secret Service guys, and starts graphically demonstrating the situation in Somalia by grabbing people’s burgers and taking bites out of them. “OK… now, here’s a shipment of necessary food…” (CHOMP) “… once again taken by warlords!”

I still get a little verklempt every time they do a “Continental” skit and they play Phil’s voice-over intro to it. He’s the only celebrity that I’ve actually missed in a really personal way.

From the Sinatra Group skit:

“Next question - Who would you rather screw? Lana Turner or Ava Gardner? I gotta disqaulify myself 'cos I done 'em both!”

Newsradio (the smoking episode):

"So just shut you slivering lip and HAUL YOUR SKINNY ASS OUTTA HERE! "

Oh blessed be, a link to a clip of this :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I forgot to mention Phil as Frankenstein on SNL: