Phil Hendrie

You can put me in the “I love Phil, too” camp. I first heard of him while listening to the Neal Rogers show on WI"OH!"D. Neal absolutely worships Phil.

Those of you who like Phil’s brand of humor would do well to check out Neal’s website here. As one of my buddies used to say “Funny, funny stuff, man.”

:smack: Or you might wanna try Neil Rogers website here.

Geez, you wouldn’t think I’d be drunk this early.

I met him one time when i was working in a Blockbuster vieo. He came up to the counter, and when i scanned his card, i realized who he was. I said “I like your show, and I must admit I called one time to argue, not realized the show was fake” He laughed and signed an autograph for me, nice guy…

He ruined it when he started admitting on air that the calls were fake, that he did the voices.

If you’re a big fan, join the yahoo group, there’s alot of activity on the discussion list.

Man isn’t it creepy when you’re reading through a thread, not noticing the date, thinking of your reply in your head, and then suddenly you come across a post by [cue scary music]…yourself.
Yea, well, I think it is :stuck_out_tongue:
Unfortunately, the only station around here that had the balls to play Hendrie got bought out a few months ago, so I can no longer listen to him :frowning:

Haven’t listened to Phil in over a year, but I must say that when I was listening, it was freaking brilliant. After a while, though, he went over my gross-out threshhold, and I stopped listening to the show on the air. If I ever need a Phil fix, I just go to a website that has his shows archived there are a couple of them out there) and pick and choose what I want to hear. Bobbie Dooley is a favorite of mine.

I was turned on to Phil Hendrie a few years back by a friend of mine, who had let me in on the joke. His delivery was so seamless that I genuinely couldn’t tell when he had an actual guest on and when he was doing a character, until my friend pointed out to me that when he was doing characters, they might cut one another off, but would never talk over each other. I’ve been blown away when he would have as many as three characters going at it, knowing that a good portion of the audience wasn’t in on the joke.

“As a gay man and as a gay reporter…” always cracked me up.

I used to listen to Phil every night. I loved it.

Then it was replaced with Savage Nation.