Philly Cheesesteak & Tasteekakes!

Today in my never-ending quest to find something to make lunch a little less boring, I tried a new restaurant that recently opened up near the office. I’m in heaven! An incredibly delicious cheesesteak sandwich, real delicious yummy frites, and, to cap it off, Tasteekakes!


Tasteekakes are hard to come by out here in Texas. I’ll occasionally get one when I’m in New York, but my sister hasn’t had one since we left Georgia 25 years ago.

Hey, a Philadelphia flashback!

I’ll raise you a Pittsburgh Primanti brothers sandwich, chased down with a Klondike bar!

Meh, Tastykakes were way better back when they wrapped them in wax paper rather than plastic… :slight_smile:

I had a Tastykake once. My freshman year roommate was from PA, and he brought up a bunch. It was awful. Although if you like them, then by all means eat as many as possible so I will never have to.

By TastyKake, I take it you mean the butterscotch Krimpets, yes?

TastyKake can be had anywhere-order online!
Another online purveyor of Philly delicacies is

Impossible to package is the ambiance of standing on Passyunk Avenue soaking up the heat and aroma of cooking steaks, onions, and cheese as you await the coronary courting confection! :cool:

Except for the pies. I didn’t see any pies available to order. :frowning:

TastyKake pies and Pepperidge Farm bread: two things you can’t get west of the Rockies. In LA, you can get every other TK and PepFarm product, but not the pies or the bread. :::grump:::

“Click here to send Tastykakes anywhere in the US.”

Mmm, Tastykakes! My extended family is back east, in the Philly/South Jersey area, so I was exposed to these delicacies from an early age, and always looked forward to visits from relatives bearing such goodies. A Butterscotch Krimpet and a birch beer was a rare treat! Now, though, you can find Tastykakes in many Albertsons stores hereabouts, although the selection is limited. I do my best to keep this fact out of mind, lest I be perpetually tempted.

Oh good, I thought I was the only one. My boss is from Pennsylvania and she RAVES about Tastykakes. Every once in a while she or a co-worker will show up with a couple boxes and we all have to sit around talking about how ABSOLUTELYINCREDIBLEOHMYGAWDTHESEAREAWESOME they are.


I guess I have sweets on the mind. I read the thread title, I read the OP and I still kept thinking cheesecake. And when I saw cheesecake sandwich I was like ewwww. maybe it is my pain medicine…

Butterscotch Krimpets and Kandy Kakes are best when stored in the freezer. Maybe you nay-sayers would have a change of heart you tried them this way.

If not, well, more for me! :smiley: