Philly Fest Wrap Up

Well, Verrain and I just got home from a wonderful afternoon with 5 other Dopers. I just want to say I had such a wonderful afternoon. I’m hoping to get together with all of you sometime… any time… soon. The offer for movie watching at our apartment is still good, and I’m definitely up for a bi-weekly Dope Dinner, if anyone else would be up for it as well. I’ll work on starting a thread about it after I get back from my trip.

Thanks, all, for a fantastic afternoon. I can’t wait to get together again.

(damn, I’ve been posting in the “a” thread way too much – I started by bolding a “u” for my response.)

Sure, TP rub it in – I was at work (near Ambler) till three, and was thinking about coming into town – but when I got to East Falls, my sofa was calling to me, so I went home for a nap instead.

Glad y’all had a good time, even with all the no-shows; hope to make it some other time.

We’re definitely going to have more of these. I really would like to try to get a regular thing going with as many of us as possible. And I can understand your sofa calling you… Mine is right now, I’m just ignoring it a little better. :wink:

It was great to meet y’all–TruePisces, Verrain, Scuba Ben, Frank–and say hi again to Robyn and Airman Doors. Cat was tickled that a mention of him also brought up the subject of Peeps. :wink: I learned that TP is really a wild lady, and I’m seriously going to enjoy having her in my vicinity. :slight_smile:

My favorite quote of the night might have been Verrain: “Can I get fries to go with that wedding?”

Sorry you missed out, twickster, but I hope I’ll meet you at a future shindig.

God, that quote WAS the best. I wouldn’t be surprised if I DID end up with a spider ring for a wedding band! :slight_smile:

And I’m going to enjoy having you around here, too. We’ll have to talk about getting together again some time soon!

Though I found out what had happened to a lot of the people that were supposed to join us. It looks like today was a day of car trouble. :frowning: Next time, we’ll have a bigger group, and we’ll have a blast. And next time, we’ve got to see about getting Cat to join us. I’d really like to meet him some time, too!

It was a fun day, with good times at laughs to be had by all (even the little kid at the IMAX had fun. “yay”) The drinks, or should I say “storage containers”, were a sight to see. Normally in glasses that large there’s a fish or two swimming in them.

The somewhat-semi-regular dinner sounds cool. Right now my free nights are Thursday, Friday, & Saturday but I can be a little flexible on the other nights. Something with decent parking would be preferred as I can’t stand trying to park in the city. A 30 minute drive followed up by 15 minutes of circling like a vulture looking for a space ranks right up there with getting punched in the face by Mike Tyson.

A trip to an amusement park could be a fun trip sometime in the spring or summer. Dorney Park and Six Flags are reasonably close and I’d be willing to provide transportation (sit in my back seat at your own risk).

The movie thing sounds good, we’ll have to work on that.

Looking forward to the next time, oh, and can you supersize that cake?

I still can’t believe the busboy took the rest of my beer while I was drinking it!!!

We could really do any night for the dinners. We’ll have to see what night is generally good for the most people. As for a place with decent parking… is there such a thing here?!! If we ever do anything over in University City, though, there’s a decent sized parking garage about 4 blocks from our apartment building, and there are a lot of good restaurants in the vicinity. (I was thinking 2 Goodfellas would be a good one to check out some time, if anyone was willing to come to University City.)

I think a trip to an amusement park would be a fantastic idea. As long as I can find someone to go on a roller coaster with me. I love roller coasters, and Verrain isn’t much for one.

As for the movie thing, once I finish getting my apartment to rights, I’ll put out a suggestion.

And I’ll have a supersized cake the next time we all get together. I haven’t figured out how I’ll do it, but it will be there, complete with spider ring!

I’m really bummed I missed it, sounded like moi had a blast. Work permitting, I’m up for the next time. I’ll be standing firmly on the ground while your on the rollercoaster, however. Also, I’m sure we could throw a little Dopefest out here in the swamps of Jersey once the weather gets better. That awy we can use the deck and the grill. Could be some homebrew ready by then as well.

I dunno about the Doorses making a regular appearance at a semi-regular meeting, but I’m sure we can work something out. Only next time we take the train.


truepisces, you are close to my fav. philly restaurant, white dog. yummy, yummy. dinner is rather pricy, but brunch on the weekends and lunch are reasonable. they have rather nifty little trips as well.

Hey, Cat: When come down, bring Peeps.

TP: Next time I drink you under the table. I swear it.

Cat, sounds good to me! As long as someone can pick us up at the Atco station, we’ll be there.

Robyn, I was honestly surprised you didn’t take the train down this time! Philly traffic… shudder

rc, I haven’t been to the White Dog yet, though I pass it on the way to my favorite restaurant, Bubble House, all the time. Getting together for a weekend brunch, or a lunch some day during the week, if anyone can get here for it, would work for me. Or we could always do New Deck for dinner one night. That’s not too bad.

Doors, bring it on, baby. Bring it on. :smiley: