Philomena Cunk

investigates the mystery of Time.

She sure reminds me of many who’ve had brief, brief posting careers here.

“If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?” (Don’t answer that. I only asked it as a whithering rhetorical point)

I hope she doesn’t get any money from clicks on that video, because I just did. Let’s not propagate the stupid.

She’s a character from a TV show. Doing satirical bits on documentaries.

Diane Morgan is her name. All the guest characters on Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe shows are very controversially weird. Barry Shitpeas (who is one of the Producers of the show), Limmy (who’s just a weirdo), and stand up comedian Doug Stanhope are all quite unpleasant. They make me want to shower afterwards.

People, this is parody. Particularly of “documentaries” by the likes of Professor Brian Cox. I quite like her, but I think it will get old quite soon. Can’t stand Limmy and we fast forward through his bits. Much like what I did to your mum last night.

As a parody it’s pretty entertaining. I still get the odd chuckle over the take-off of David Attenborough’s “Africa” series with Barry Shitpeas (limbed weeble) describing giraffes as giant horse monsters that run around like mad deckchairs.

In less than a minute, I have learned an inescapable and scary truth:

Philomena Cunk has tasted your money. The bills on your pocket. All of them. :eek:

And here I thought there was a typo in the name. I suppose it is deliberate.

Can I just say that…

A) I love Charlie Brooker’s stuff and Philomena is a little bit of charming nonsense in my busy week. (He introduced me to Doug Stanhope and that has to be a bonus)

B) I clicked on the above link which took me to what I believe is a twitter page. That is the first time I’ve ever seen one and I couldn’t work out what the hell was going on. I mentioned this to a colleague and they showed me my first real facebook page to hammer home the point that it is even more confusing.
I think I’ve worked out why I I’ve avoided using either of them.

Wow, that’s quite a feat. It’s just a stream of pithy comments and links, usually from the person in question*, though you can also see the replies and those going to them (or you).

Hmm, I guess it is a bit hard to describe.

*It’s a popular way to converse with your favourite celebrities, taking the place of a fan club or convention appearance

Brainworm. I am never going to watch my Danes scamper around without this worm turning. Thank you so much.

(the clip is actually very funny and Ms. Morgan is to be complimented. By someone Respectable, I mean. ie- Someone other than me.)

Yeah, I didn’t quite know what to expect but I couldn’t see who was saying what in reply to whom and I didn’t know if the embedded pictures were avatars or relevant to the message.

Pfft, as long as they keep off my lawn what do I care?

That was great! It was like watching a female version of Ali G!