Phlosphr likes Scotch, and he should not be posting this late.

Oh geez here I go. I havn’t finished the tree house, and i’m pretty bummed about that. my wife is gone on travel this weekend and an old friend stoppped by for a drink earlier this afternoin. He brought over some good scoth and now i can’t get to sleep and he’s crashed on the couch with my kitten… oh let the affirmations fly… i used to be a fantastic writer whilst buzzed. now i think i just languish in that ever abyssal plan of sottishness.

my adventures with scoth start here:

Single Malt Scotch: Last never Least. Some time ago my red friend Johnnie Walker introduced me to a Scotchman named Glenn. We spoke and drank and snifted through the afternoon talking about linage and coats of arms. Mr.Glenn Kinchie showed us (my snifter and I) all the family names on the linage list. Cousins if you will, with odd eccentric names such as first cousin Dalwhinnie his brother Cragganmore and sister Talisker and her new son Lagavulin and his pet bear Oban. We sat in jest all afternoon and into the evening imbibing this light brown concoction then I formally left after my checkmate and bid goodnight to my friend Glenn.

I need a good ending to this quip.

…and then I woke up.

Drunkeness is when you feel sophisticated, but can’t spell it.

guys,gals, i’m in connecticut. both your locations say CA. I’ve had 3 hours of philosophizing bliss over several snifters of good scotch. I think… Therefore I am … tired.

mmmmHmmmm… sleeeepy.

uhh. thats three hours ahead of you guys… i meant to say…


I drink, therefore I am.

drunken threads are becoming increasingly (satisfyingly) reliable.

For bored and completely sober and very very tired people still at work at 6:10AM like me to talk shite in.

You see when we humans are tired - we’re irritable - posting here, even if it is bollocks, helps control that iritability.

Can I borrow a pen?

Yeah, Lobsang, but the problem is that they’re always at the wrong times – by the time the east coast people are smashed, it’s only 9 pm here, and I’ve usually had one beer, at most.

Bah. We need timed drunk threads – UK drunk threads, eastern US, western US, Australia, Asia, Middle East… :smiley:

I’ve never considered Talisker to be female.

Laphroaig, though, is like a woman who ate a block of peat moss and then smooched you.

I only drink scotch with names I can pronounce. The Johnnies and the Glens. Ah.

[Raspy Nick Nolte Voice ON]

Morning! Coffee. mmm.

I feel like I’ve been layed to rest by a huge freight train made of peat moss. mmm.

[Raspy Nick Nolte Voice Off]

What we need is a 24 hour drunk thread. For 24 hours, starting in, say…Europe, people get drunk and post to the thread. As evening approaches in the Eastern U.S., those dopers post, and we just continue across the world. Sounds like fun.

Hehehe - yes, Fugazi - that could be fun. I mean, what an excuse

“No, I am not buying this whisky purely to get merrily sloshed, but as a form of international unity.”

Yep - I like that.

First, catch your 'roo.


Tomorrow will be a Longmorn.