Don't Drink and Post

That’s all I wanted to say. I had a couple too many glasses of wine this evening and thought I’d share my dizzy stupidity with everyone. Salute!!!


I resemble that remark. But then I only drink when I’m awake. If I posted sober, I’d make even less sense.

You might be surprised. I’ve written some incredibly lucid posts while black-out hammered and been surprised the next morning by them.
'Course, I’m an expert, don’t try this at home, kids. Not to mention that I write enough crummy posts stone-sober…:rolleyes:

I do my best thinking with a couple belts of Scotch as it focuses my thought of the moment, rather than jumping around to other tangents. My typing skills however, go to shit in a big way. Anybody else here like sushi? When I was in school we used to carry bananas around in our pockets. I like long hair, hot showers, nice tits and steak. Hot, juicy steak, preferably Porterhouse. Hey, have you ever had a dream where you were naked at work?

Holy shit… I need a drink

Does anyone remember whose sig line was “voted most likely to post while drunk?” The anticipated “most likely to moderate while drunk” never did appear.

What the fuck are you talking about? What you don’t want me posting at night?? Is THAT what this is all about??

But… I’m so FUNNY when I’m wasted! Ask anyone what Beermenth is like, and they’ll tell you. He’s a big hit at parties. Plus, my spelling dosnt degrade all that much! You’d never know, but for the sheer inanity of my posts and a slight drop in vocabulary.

Wait… inanity… Hey, maybe you’d NEVER know!

Homer, are you listening to this? :slight_smile:

For the new people who don’t know why Homer was named above, I present to you Exhibit A: Homer’s drunken thread entitled a monkey that I wish for.


Not even hot Dr. Pepper?

With a lemon twist?

You also might want to lay off the 'shrooms, as Homer has also so eloquently demonstrated.


Sage advice indeed.

Case in point

I dont think anyone here could possibly imagine the trouble I got myself into over this one. :wink:

I suspect Twisty has forgiven me because he has yet to deliver the shin kicking he promised in another thread.

Oh how embarassing! My how things change! :wink:

Whew! Glad to see I’m not the only (occasional) drunkard here. I figured all I would get for responses to THIS OP would be complaints that I was taking up valuable space by being an idiot. I sometimes get that complaint at work too…



Wanna share a bottle of Scotch with me?

Then we can post all night long

You can cruise along for a while drinking and posting but the sobriety checkpoints are a pain. Walking the cyber line, pushing air into the cyber balloon (rather than blowing so as not to deliver the convictable lungful), reciting the cyber alphabet backwards are so degrading. And having to plan your online time around drinking. Ever tried to find a ‘designated poster’ when you really need one?

Hey sure! But…you know…it’s 7 am here. And I’m at work. So maybe we should do it another time.

Are you an Oscar Brown Jr. fan? If not, where did your nickname come from?


*Originally posted by SexyWriter *

I am a big jazz fan, Watermelon Man is the name of Herbie Hancock’s first album - 1962.

And I love the tune!!

By the way it is 2:25 pm here, and I am at work too!!

I have to say, that 'shrooms thread is the best thing i’ve read for a looooong, looooong time :slight_smile: I’ve got half a mind to revive it for all the newbies like me to enjoy.


Sexy your good advice comes too late for me. Far, far too late.