Phone Scammers

Did any of the dopers get phone calls that are scams?

We have had several, the last one was form someone saying they wanted to deliver a package from Wal-Mart that we had won. I told him it was a scam and I was going to Call Wal-Mart, he hung up! A relative in SD said she had one too and there was no Wal-Mart near her.

Rachel from Cardholder Services.

I get the ones from India, where the guy says that they are “an authorized Microsoft service provider”-and would I please get down to my computer and give him passwords, IDs, etc.
I generally play it like this:
Caller: “Hello sir, your computer has viruses, I can help you remove them”
Me:'what sort of viruses? I have had measles"
Caller: “we can help your computer run better, please sit down and log on”
Me: "did you say “Microsoft”? I used to use Microsoft
Caller: “we are an authorized Microsoft service provider”
Me: “what sort of services are you providing?”
This goes on for about 10 minutes, finally the guy hangs up.
I get some satisfaction, running up these crook’s phone bill.

No land line. I feel like I’m missing out on the fun.

I have received international calls from east European countries and Turkey. Where they call and disconnect. Assuming that it is an important call, you call back. Then you will hear an audio of a couple having sex. These calls are charged at very high rate, and the cut going to scammer.

Having heard of this scam before, I twice answered the call quickly. So they lost money worth 5 seconds of call time, and were probably surprised.

About twice a week I get a text saying, “You’ve won a $1000.00 Best Buy gift card”.
I never respond, but I googled it and it’s a total scam.

Forgot that.

I get at least 5 text messages per month of having won lottery in millions.:smiley:

Yeah, I frequently get calls claiming to be from my bank, wanting to do an ‘account review’ I played along once and they asked for my debit card number and PIN. Yeah, right.

And I’ve had calls a couple of times from people speaking broken English, claiming to be from “the department of fixing computers” - tried to talk me through installing malware on my machine. D’oh!

I don’t know how much they pay for the phone call, it might be free Internet-based calling. But at least you’re tying up the caller and they can’t scam someone else while you’re talking to them.

I’ve had them for security systems and for time shares. If I’m not busy, I’ll talk with them and also report them to the FTC for violating the Do Not Call list.

I’m getting odd ones now where the caller id is very very similar to one of our numbers. Yesterday the caller id showed a number that was identical to my husband’s cell phone, except the first three digits were +1 (For example, instead of 730, it was 731), then today I answered a call that was from a number eerily similar to my home number (only the last digit was different). The one today was that bitch from “Cardholder Services”, lol. They conned me into answering because the number looked so familiar! Ugh. Parasites.

We had one where the caller said we would have our prize delivered by “United Postal Service” by 5:00 p.m. and that we should go to Wal-Mart and buy a prepaid Visa card.

This was a particularly nasty scam because the guy kept calling back, and each time he got more aggressive and insistent. After my wife hung up on him for the third time, she called the cops. Of course they couldn’t do anything, but they took the report because a few days earlier the scammers had scared the shit out of an old lady, and the cops came and sat with her until the 5:00 p.m. deadline passed because she was afraid the caller was going to break in and rob her.

monavis, coincidentally, I got a scam phone call today. The scammers had somehow got a hold of my email address and phone number, so they phoned me and told me that I’d won a cruise and/or a trip to Disneyland/world (don’t remember all the details.) They also told me that this included a rental car, that I would need a driver’s license and a credit card to pick it up. I told them truthfully that I had neither a license nor a credit card, and that I was busy and couldn’t accept the trip anyway. They said okay, they’d give the trip to someone else, and hung up.

After the call, I was a bit alarmed, and thought, should I have accepted it? I told my parents, and they confirmed it was a scam.