Photo-dopers: use a fisheye much?

I’ve always had an affinity for fisheyes. Despite the vignetting and distortion, I love to get really close and still get a lot into the frame. Panorama software works well for some subjects, but it doesn’t do the same job. I started off with an adapter that screwed onto the front my stock Canon AE1 50mm lens. Now I have a Zenitar that I got cheap–but it’s a manual and I can only use it on my Nikon 6006, which means I’ve still got one foot in the 35mm world. (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

I’ve seen people who carry around a “moon-style” hubcap, and shoot into that to get the effect.

Anyone else like using super-wide angle lenses?

I don’t have a real fisheye. But I have a neat-o cheap-o substitute: a “Curvatar” attachment from Spiratone. This large, heavy device screws on in front of your normal lens, and voila! you have a faux fisheye. Here is a photo that I took with my Curvatar (on a Minolta SRT-101).

Just a slight fisheye on this shot. It was the only way I could fit things into the frame, and I liked the way it came out.

… you have a computer in your bathroom? how come?

Maybe she has a toilet in her office.

I’m a computer geek. Hubby is a computer geek. Even our cats are computer geeks. Of course we have a computer in the bathroom.