Photo Gallery/Hosting/Sharing Website Recommendation Sought

I am looking for advice on a website to use. I am really not sure what to do so any advice would be helpful.

Here is what I am trying to do. We will be taking pictures of the public with Santa. People will come in, we will take multiple pics with a digital camera, and they will get a print from a photo printer before they leave. I would like to give them their digital photos as well.

Here is where I am not sure what to do. Email will not work because of the file sizes involved. I used Flickr last year and simply emailed the customers the links to their “set” and instructions about how to find the original size photo and download it to their computer. That approach was sort of like saying “good luck, your on your own now if you want any actual prints or anything”. This year I did some preliminary research into Kodak gallery which allows you to share photos with a nicely formatted slideshow, and allows you to easily order prints (or other merchandise) directly from the gallery. However, I don’t think it would allow people to download a copy of their original photos.

Here are the three things I would like:

  1. Ability to easily share links to the photos with their friends and family.
  2. Ability to download their original photos to keep for themselves.
  3. Ability to easily order prints from the site that can be picked up at the corner drug store or whatever.

Dopers have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or advice?