Photo gifts in USA

I live in the UK and have taken a digital picture that I would like to get framed as an 8x10 and sent to someone in the US. Working from the assumption that it would be cheapest and quickest to use a US-based service, does anyone have any recommendations?

I have an account at photobucket and simple accounts are free.

You could upload your photo and then order a photo gift that would be framed. There a link on photobucket that gets passed to Kodak Gallery. Looks like it might serve your needs. I’ve not completed the process, but if you pay via credit card I imagine they’d ship anywhere you say.

The other photo sharing sites probably have the same services available. I chose photobucket because I could upload from work, not because the others are bad.

Thanks for this. In the end I used Snapfish as they are linked to flickr, where I have an account.

Never let it be said that resolution of the question is a good reason to end the thread. :wink: I use Snapfish too, for everyday prints and photo products. I got a very nice bound photo book there as well. For better quality prints I have used Mpix, which markets to serious/professional photographers.

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Hmm. I don’t think this qualifies as spam in this situation, although the fact that the thread is a zombie plus that **photogifts **just registered today suggests that **photogifts **is trolling for places to advertise. However, the OP asked for specific suggestions and that post is directly responsive to the OP. It’s no more spam than my post, although clearly **photogifts **has a vested interest in the recommendation.