Recommendations sought: good upload-pic / they make jigsaw puzzle service?

I’m looking for one of those sites where you take a nice JPEG or TIFF and upload it, fill in the shipping and billing etc, give 'em your credit card info, and in a couple weeks they send you a decent commercial-quality jigsaw puzzle.

I’m talking about 1000+ pieces, not one of those novelty 35-piece things.

With no other info to readily go on (e.g., quality of their work, reliability in getting them out on time, etc) price seems to be the distinguishing feature. (Hence, getting me a line on a cheaper service would be of use, but so would testimonials if anyone has had quite good or quite bad experiences with any such service).
I have these so far:

$119, 149.95

£35-40 (approx $78-82 USD)


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I remember one of the Puzzle Companies (Milton Bradley?) used to do this with a few proof of purchases, twenty bucks, and photo you sent them. Don’t know if they still do this.

I have used them. Excellent quality, very fast shipping. I am not affiliated with them in any way, in case you’re wondering.

Either I’m not clicking the right place or they only go up to 300 pieces?

Ah, sorry, you’re right. 300 pcs it’s their limit. I missed that part in your post.