Photos of airline meals

This is a mundane and pointless as it gets and yet I must share it. I came across a site that features photos of airline meals. You’d think I would just wlak away; what could be the interest of looking at pictures of airline meals? And yet here I am looking at one after the other. Hmmm, Basiqair. . . never heard of them . . . they sound maybe Arabic . . . I wonder what they serve . . . (check them out).

Kinda interesting but I was hoping the site would identify exactly what kind of food it is. The flight attendants always ask if I want chicken or beef. Problem is they both look and taste alike. I really want to know how they know which is which?

Airlines still serve food? I thought they all had switched to wafting the scent of food your way, and letting that be it. :wink:

<< I’m a leaving on jet plane… >>

The picture from Iran air is taken from their web site and looks nothing like an actual airplane seat.

Then you have Cathay Pacific where someone flew first class. I wish I could afford such luxury but I am restricted to cattle class where I get seated to someone like the picture of China air where the woman is burying her face in the food. Ugh!

I once was seated next to a Chinese man whose manners when eating were so disgusting I just had to stand away from my seat while he was eating.

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

I love airline meals. Everything comes so neat and packaged and compartmentalized with all sorts of nifty condiments in cute packages. It just seems so special…

The greatest thing is getting vegetarian meals on planes. They come out and ask who ordered them and you say “memememe” and then they bring you your food before anyone else eats.

[Stops eating his bowl of shrimp flavored ramen]It’s kinda sad really, all those meals look better than anything I’ve eaten in the past few weeks. :frowning: [/SEHBoSFR]

Tell me about it. Being single and living alone at least has the benefit that when you fly you actually enjoy the food. A flight attendant was shocked when I asked her if I could have seconds. I must be the only person on the plane who really liked the food.

The woman who runs our South Asian cooking class is a meals consultant with Air France. Lucky French–the food she makes in class is spectacular.