Phrases you know you use too much

“Basically”, “obviously”, “just”, “actually”, “essentially” and “ultimately”.

All of those.

My co-worker uses “nonetheless” when she really means “not to mention”. I have to mentally rephrase it every time. But that’s good, since it means I haven’t internalized it.

When explaining something or answering a question, I always start with, “Yeah! So,…” This is one reason I can’t stand to be around myself.

Way too many things in my life are ‘cool’ apparently.

Basically, Yogosoth beat me to it. And basically, so did Princhester.

But please keep the “fucking infix.” Basically, it’s so cool that a specific linguistic phenomenon exists in English only as -fucking-! (And, I would posit, as -smurf-.)

No worries.

I use it a lot.

I use “fair enough” a lot, but the worst offender is “I have a question . . .” Somehow, it just doesn’t seem right to jump to the question part without the lead up. It creates a sense of anticipation which is then let down if the question is something mundane. (“I have a question . . . Can I use the bathroom?”)

Yep. I alternate “sweet” with “excellent” Monty Burns style.

Apparently, we have the same problem.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh, I like that one!

I’m notorious for using certain words and phrases ad nauseum, but I do it intentionally rather than out of force of habit. I frequently use the words “gist” and “thrice,” among many others. A relatively new co-worker has gotten me started on “skosh,” which I now use as often as I can.

I also try to fit as many Kesha song titles and lyrics into my conversation as possible. I don’t say that things suck, I say that they “Blow.” “Take It Off” is another one that’s easily inserted into conversations. “Blah Blah Blah” and “Die Young” are only slightly less-frequently used.

Even though I’ve crossed the big four-zero, I still frequently say “Whatever” in the tone of a petulant teenager.

I’ve thought about breaking the habit, but…eh, whatever.