Picard's dog

The first poster for the new CBS All-Access series Star Trek: Picard has been released. It shows Jean-Luc Picard standing in his vineyard with a Staffordshire terrier at his side.

According to reports, the dog’s name is…wait for it…

Number One. :smiley:

Really, what else would he call it?

Tonight on Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc’s dog sorta meets Schrödinger’s cat. Hilarity ensues. Or does it?

Counsellor? :dubious: :confused:

Even better: Wesley. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to imagine what training the dog must have been like. "That’s a good number 2, Number One ".

Best of all: CRUSHER! :cool:


So he finally got to play with a puppy?

Well, since he couldn’t get Riker neutered (despite widespread popular support), that just makes sense.

Worf would be good, too:

*“Come along, Worf.”

“Woof! Woof!”*

is the dog black?

Earl Grey

Is it a female?

Then Tasha.

What, no third iteration of the “Noonien Singh”/“Noonien Soong” name?

We could have had “Noonien Pooch”. What a missed opportunity!


Pronounced “DAY-ta.” :smiley:


After the fish in the Ready Room.

Barclay (or Reg)



Q? I’d be gratifying to have an obedient Q - “Sit, Q! Good boy!”

Q, and he treats it like it’s a superior intellect.

I could see Jean-Luc discussing cosmology and the wonders of the universe with his dog.

Pulaski. Picard always did think she was a

doctor with an abrasive personality.